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The Thrill Of Using Anal Toys

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The thrill of anal toys

Many people may have heard of such a phenomenon,
It’s the pleasure of men’s prostate stimulation,
Have you ever heard of it?
Women may also experience a pleasure called the pleasure of anal stimulation!

Today, P.S. EDEN will talk with you about this topic.
Why do girls experience stimulating pleasure when using anal sex toys?

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Physiological factors considered by P.S. EDEN 1

First let’s talk about physiological factors. Many of our sensitive nerves are located in different places on the soundtrack. For example, the well-known G-spot is located on the vaginal wall, relatively far forward in the vagina.

There is also an A point, which is also called the anterior fornix of the vagina. It is about five to six inches deep inside the vagina, close to the uterine opening. In addition, many nerve endings of the clitoris are spread all the way to the anus, so when anal toys are used, the A-point and the nerve endings of the clitoris will be stimulated. At this time, stimulating these sensitive points will make women Feel the pleasure.

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Physiological factors considered by P.S. EDEN 1

For anal toys, we can boldly make some imaginations, and in our imaginations, we can beautify them to the extreme, so that we can feel more sexual pleasure.

In addition to the reproductive organs, the largest sexual organ in the human body is our brain. So when our brains are faced with such specific sexual behaviors, it will cause us to have more stimulation and arouse sexual pleasure. So from a psychological perspective, the pleasure brought by anal toys may also be brought about by brain stimulation.

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