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Photography for P.S. EDEN SM Products

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Welcome To The Photography For P.S. EDEN SM Products.

During the photography process of SM products, P.S. EDEN’s photographers utilize professional photography equipment, lighting, and background settings to present the products from the most beautiful angles.

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Preparation Work Before Shooting SM Products

1.Thoroughly understanding the product: Prior to shooting, the photographer will have a comprehensive understanding of SM products, including their features, functionalities, and uses. This knowledge aids in selecting appropriate shooting angles and highlighting key aspects.

2.Determine suitable settings and backgrounds: Selecting appropriate settings and backgrounds is crucial for showcasing SM products. The background should accentuate the product’s features, while the setting choice considers increasing customer resonance.


3.Ensure suitable lighting and illumination: Lighting plays a crucial role in determining the quality and effectiveness of SM product photos. The photographer will utilize natural light or artificial lighting equipment to ensure proper brightness and highlight the product’s details and texture.

4.Showcase the product from multiple angles: To provide a comprehensive view of the product’s appearance and details, the photographer will capture shots from various angles. This includes wide-angle photos from a distance, close-up shots for detailed views, as well as side, back, and top perspectives of the product.


5.Post-production editing and processing: After the photoshoot, SM product photos will undergo post-production editing and processing to optimize factors like color, contrast, sharpness, etc., ensuring the quality and attractiveness of the images.

6.Customized shooting based on requirements: Depending on the product’s features and market demands, there may be a need for customized shooting techniques and creativity. For instance, if the product has unique functionality or usage, dynamic or motion-based shooting can be employed to showcase its distinctive attributes.


P.S. EDEN’s photographer will capture photos from different angles based on the characteristics of SM products, showcasing the appearance and details of the products in a multidimensional manner to ensure that customers can truly understand the features and quality. After the photoshoot, the images will undergo post-production editing and processing to optimize factors such as color, contrast, and details, presenting the best visual effects.


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