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How to Choose the Right Sex Toy


Is the stronger the vibration, the better in sex toys?

The strength of vibration in sex toy is not the only criteria for selecting a product. Each individual has different physical conditions and tolerance levels, some may be more sensitive, while others may prefer stronger stimulation.

The required strength of vibration in sex toy also varies depending on the usage scenario. For example, when using it alone, you may prefer a gentler sensation by closing the curtains; when using it with a partner, you may opt for a toy with stronger vibrations.

It is recommended to choose sex toy with a certain frequency range. In addition to the basic vibration function, the design of the toy is also very important. For example, if there is only one button, especially a knob, it would be very convenient when reaching orgasm.


Choosing the Size of Sex Toy

Choose the appropriate size based on your own needs. If you are a beginner with limited experience, it is recommended to select a diameter below 3-3.3cm. If you are an experienced player, you can opt for a diameter above 3.3cm.


Is it only good if it penetrates inside the body?

Actually, choosing a sex toy is very similar to choosing a boyfriend—it completely depends on personal preferences. Sex toys come in various sizes, including those that can be inserted into the body and those that can be used externally.

For external use, smaller and more compact sex toys are cute and convenient to carry, allowing for easy exploration of different positions without the need for assistance. They can provide continuous stimulation to the clitoris, leading to quick orgasms.

On the other hand, internally inserted sex toys provide a completely different kind of stimulation compared to clitoral stimulation. However, when playing alone, it can be challenging in terms of arm lengths and physical endurance, and the range of positions may be more limited.

For beginners or when using larger-sized toys, it is advisable to use lubricant to avoid discomfort and pain. For women who have difficulty getting into a moist state quickly, using insertable sex toys such as vibrators can make it harder to achieve the desired level of wetness. In such cases, using lubricants and condoms becomes necessary to enhance the overall experience, as dry and cold sensations from using a vibrator can significantly diminish the experience.


Can sex toys be broken from excessive use?

Don’t worry, typically it’s the person who might play too rough and break the sex toy, not the other way around. The human body has limitless potential, but it’s also important to exercise moderation. Playing with sex toys excessively, such as 12 times a day for an hour each time, can decrease sensitivity and potentially impact sexual satisfaction.


Can using sex toy become addictive?

According to Carl Jensen, the author of the masturbation guide “Solo Sex,” many women enjoy using sex toy because very few men can replicate the vibrations and sensations they provide. However, this does not mean that women are necessarily addicted to them. Just like some people need glasses to see clearly or a calculator for math, women may simply use sex toys to reach orgasm.


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