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On-set shooting of P.S. EDEN anal toys


Today’s shoot features anal toys, where P.S. EDEN will categorize different brands of products and set up the shooting scene based on the characteristics of the sex toys. Props are being prepared to showcase the most beautiful aspects to everyone.

Shooting Location: Anal Toys Photography Studio



Here is our daily workflow:

1.Set up the location: Arrange a suitable environment for shooting, ensuring a clean and tidy background and sufficient lighting. Choose an appropriate background based on the characteristics of the anal toys and the details to be showcased.

2.Equipment preparation: Use a high-resolution camera to capture product details. Ensure correct camera settings and have suitable lenses ready.



3.Lighting setup: Configure proper lighting equipment, prepare photography lights, reflectors, softboxes to ensure even lighting on the products. Test different angles and intensities to find the most suitable lighting effect for the products.

4.Placing the products: Position the anal toys in the desired locations, adjust angles and positions to showcase the features and functionality of the toys. Use stands to maintain stability.

5.Detail shots: Capture the details and unique characteristics of the anal toys using close-up and macro lenses, highlighting the texture, color, and craftsmanship.

6.Post-processing: Use image editing software for post-adjustments such as exposure, contrast, saturation, color temperature, etc.


After completing the aforementioned tasks, we will compile the product information of the anal toys and present the detailed information of each product on the official P.S. EDEN website. This includes product specifications, descriptions, photos, and video demonstrations.

We regularly update new products on our website, including a variety of new designs of vibrators, anal toys, dildos, bullet vibrators, and other sex toys. Please stay tuned to the official P.S. EDEN website for the latest updates on our new product releases.



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