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Tips for Using Sex Toy Vibrators

Tips for Using Sex Toy Vibrators 1

“Warm up” before using sex toy vibrators

If this is your first time using a vibrator, take some time to “warm up” and get yourself excited. This will be more interesting. Use sex toys to caress your body, then use your fingers to caress your labia and clitoris……

In short, let your desires be triggered before using the vibrator. It is recommended to use lubricant to allow the vibrator to slide in gently and smoothly.

Tips for Using Sex Toy Vibrators 5

How to use a sex toy vibrators

Start by turning the sex toy vibrator to the lowest frequency and lightly touching your clitoris. The sensitivity of the clitoris varies from person to person. If even this minimum intensity is unbearable for you, try holding the vibrator against your labia so it doesn’t directly touch your clitoris, or use a towel or blanket to separate the vibrator from your body. You can also use it while wearing underwear. If you need more intensity, slowly increase the frequency. until a moderate frequency is found.

Some people prefer the clitoris front and center, while others prefer indirect contact. Imagine that your clitoris is a piece of delicious apple pie, divided into four pieces, and you have to taste each one to experience the different flavors.

Tips for Using Sex Toy Vibrators 3

Find the best experience with a sex toy vibrators

When you find the optimal intensity, try different vibrator modes (if available). Play through each mode and find the one you like best. While there isn’t a specific pattern that will always bring you to orgasm, many women find they have a preference.

It can be fun to experiment with different intensities and modes of sex toys, but if you’re ready for an orgasm, you’ll definitely want to stay in a certain sweet spot. Once the vibrator is in your body, start by holding it against your clitoris. You may find that your body is shaking slightly. This is normal. Just relax and let your body react naturally.

Tips for Using Sex Toy Vibrators 4

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