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Photography and Post-Production of P.S. EDEN Male Sex Toys

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New Arrivals of P.S. EDEN Male Sex toys

P.S. EDEN is about to launch a new collection, focusing on male sex toys, including a variety of penis pumps and pocket stroker.

Penis pumps: Designed to help men achieve quick and strong erections during sexual play, igniting desires. The accompanying ejaculation rings can prolong sexual duration, leading to a more enduring and passionate experience.

penis pumps

Pocket stroker: The pocket stroker come with voice function, simulating female moans during use. Men can enjoy using them solo or with a sexual partner, exploring deeper levels of stimulation in their sexual activities.

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P.S. EDEN Male Sex Toys Photoshoot Set

(1)Showcasing different angles of male sex toys.
(2)Demonstrated by hand models.
(3)State after turning on the button.

After the completion of the photoshoot for the P.S. EDEN male sex toys, professionals will facilitate post-production and editing.

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1.Male Sex Toys Video: This includes video editing, sound effects, special effects, etc., to ultimately present the best video production.

(1)Editing: Organizing and cutting the filmed materials, adjusting the sequence of shots and timeline to achieve a smooth narrative effect.

(2)Sound effects and music: Sound effects and music should be coordinated with the visuals, enhancing the overall atmosphere and emotions.

(3)Visual effects and animation: Adding special effects and animation to enhance visual appeal.

(4)Color grading and color correction: Adjusting the color and performing color correction on video footage to maintain consistency and enhance the visual effect.

(5)Subtitles and captions: Adding subtitles and captions as needed for easy readability.

(6)Exporting and compressing: Exporting the video in a format suitable for various media, and performing necessary compression and optimization for easy sharing and distribution.

male sex toy 2

2.Male sex toy images: The images will undergo color adjustment, rendering, enhancement, and modification to showcase the best possible effects for your viewing pleasure.

(1)Color adjustment: Modifying the exposure, contrast, color saturation, and other aspects of the image to achieve better visual effects.

(2)Highlight and shadow processing: By fine-tuning the brightness and contrast of highlights and shadows, the image gains more depth and a three-dimensional quality.

(3)Sharpening and noise reduction: Enhancing the sharpness and details of the image.

(4)Background adjustment and cropping: Adjusting or replacing the background of the image as needed, while also cropping the image.

(5)Adding text and watermark: Adding text, annotations, or watermarks to the photo as needed, to identify copyright, branding, or explanatory information.

(6)Export and optimization: Exporting the photo in the appropriate format and performing necessary file compression and optimization to ensure the photo’s quality and usability.

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