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What is a Sex Toy Pocket Stroker?

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What is a Sex Toy Pocket Stroker?

The pocket stroker is a male masturbator that resembles a water cup in appearance. They are generally made of soft materials such as TPE, silicone, etc., to ensure comfort and durability. In contemporary times, the pocket stroker has gradually evolved into two genres: manual and electric.

The manual pocket stroker strives for a realistic internal channel structure, constantly seeking a more authentic user experience. The electric pocket stroker, on the other hand, continually integrates popular technologies such as microelectronics, IoT, artificial intelligence, and more, aiming for an automatic, intelligent, and futuristic geek experience.

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Choosing the Right Pocket Stroker

There are a wide variety of pocket stroker, with different shapes and materials. So the first step is to learn how to choose the right pocket stroker for yourself. Not every type of airplane cup is suitable for everyone. For example, sensitive players may choose highly stimulating pocket stroker, while experienced players may prefer soft and bouncy slow-play styles. If you choose one that is not suitable for yourself, it can be quite regrettable.

Pocket stroker, as a type of male sex toy, can gently envelop and provide a slight sucking sensation, awakening the sensitive nerves of penis. Gradually increasing intensity while lightly sucking and licking in a rhythmic motion during thrusting, it becomes irresistible.

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Precautions For Using the Pocket Stroker

Cleaning: Before use, please thoroughly clean the pocket stroker. Place it in warm water for washing.

Lubricant use: When using the pocket stroker, it is recommended to use water-based lubricant. Apply the lubricant to the inside of the cup to increase comfort and pleasure. Avoid using silicone-based lubricants with silicone pocket stroker as this may cause damage.

Wearing: Align the opening of the pocket stroker with penis, ensuring there is no pain or discomfort during insertion. Once in the appropriate position, gradually thrust the airplane cup and choose the desired vibration frequency.

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Controlling Speed and Intensity

When using the pocket stroker, you can control your own speed and intensity to meet your needs or preferences. Generally, slower speeds and lighter intensity can provide a softer stimulation and experience, while faster speeds and stronger intensity can provide a more intense experience.

Relaxing Sex Toy Body and Mind

When using the pocket stroker, it is important to keep your body and mind relaxed. Prior to use, you can use a warm towel to preheat the pocket stroker, which can increase comfort and stimulation.

Lastly, hygiene and cleanliness should be taken into consideration.

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