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unlearners content

unlearners content

What was once taboo may need relooking.

History shows us that the more hidden something is, the less power we have to be educated on it & take ownership of our decisions about it.

Sex, pleasure, sexuality and intimacy are such topics that are now begging for people to unlearn outdated dogmas that have kept us passive, powerless and misinformed in this area of our lives and our evolving society.

From healthy intimacy, sexual health, sexual orientation, sexually transmitted illnesses and sex work – these infamous topics get exposed by Zanele and guest and well-loved sexpert, Glynis McGee on this episode.

Glynis, a representative of  Secret Corner, is driven by a passion for proven, factual information and ensuring that this information is freely shared, to dispel misinformation and empower audiences. Glynis believes sexual information should not be embargoed, but more openly discussed to prevent misinterpretation and potentially save lives.

It’s time to flip the script on sexual behavior – this episode of The UnLearners podcast will help you; Face your deep personal dogmas and beliefs about intimacy, pleasure and sexuality Challenge long-standing perspectives about a seemingly ‘taboo’ topic Understand where to start in your journey of having the life-shifting conversations with friends, family and colleagues

Get answers to the questions you’ve always held – answered by a professional, sexpert and well-seasoned sexual health advocate Here are some great resources to support you on your UnLearning journey:

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