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Hitachi Magic Wand – Was I sold counterfeits or do the newer…


Hey folks, so I’ve bought two regular plug in Hitachi Magic Wands in the past year and I’m genuinely unsure if I was sold counterfeits and should try again or if I should just give up on the brand and switch to something else. Both of the ones I bought seemed legit – correct packaging and details as per the magic wand website on their page for checking if it’s genuine, but both, within four months, were overheating so much that the body of the wand gets too hot to hold in my bare hand after less than half an hour of use. Obviously this isn’t reasonable, but I’m finding myself at a loss with what to do going forward – do I assume those were counterfeit and try a different source? Do I find a different toy? If I do need to find something different, what’s going to match the Hitachi on power level and run time (I’m specifically worried about not having to worry about it dying on me, so either corded or ridiculous battery life)? I appreciate the advice, thanks folks!

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