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Traveling with corded Wands?


I have quite a few wands and vibrators but honestly nothing does it for me quite like the corded original magic wand.

I travel quite a bit though for extended periods of time and know that voltage around the world can be tricky. I unfortunately learned my lesson in Portugal when I tried to plug it in my last wand via an adapter and it burnt out.

Any suggestions on what to do? I’m considering LeWand too since I see it comes with plug adapters but it doesn’t seem as powerful. Again, I *love* the power level of the original corded magic wand. I don’t want to throw money away trying to find comparable wands (I have 3 already and they don’t compare, especially since they are “rechargeable”).

I’m leaving in 1 week for a trip to south america so I’m hoping to make a purchase before.


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One thought on “Traveling with corded Wands?

  1. Verified-Customer says:

    Le Wand’s vibration is average at best (a lot buzzier than i expected tbh) and honestly i found it really really disappointing.
    Doxy has different plug adapters too, and it’s vibration is just *chef’s kiss*. I love it a loot. There’s also no need to get the Die Cast ver, i have the Original and it’s just DELICIOUS imo.

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