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Looking for alternative to plusOne AirPulse Arouser


I LOVE my cheap little plusOne AirPulse Arouser, but I can tell it’s starting to die on me after several years – it doesn’t hold a good charge, even after charging all night.

I tried to buy a replacement, but it looks like plusOne discontinued it? I can only find it available on eBay. So I thought I’d look for something similar.

Things I like about my plusOne:

– Weaker vibrations (I go numb with most bullets or strongly vibrating toys)

– Targeted/pinpoint stimulation (Wands and broader stimulation just don’t get me there)

– Air pulsing. That said, I’ve tried the Womanizer Liberty, and it’s just not quite what I’m looking for. I guess I don’t like air pulse by itself? Or just not the liberty?

I’m also pretty sensitive and get overstimulated easily, which is probably why a weak/cheap vibe has been so good for me!

I’d like to keep it below $150, but I’ll take any recs! Thanks so much!

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