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Review: Pink Punch Dream Bunny

Pink Punch Dream Bunny

Last year the most exciting new brand I tried had to be Pink Punch. Launching onto the scene with their adorable aesthetic, which evoked early 2000s nostalgia with their Polly Pocket-style cases and cyberpunk app, their flagship product the Sunset Mushroom, and later the Peachu, not only looked amazing but offered a range of features that I just couldn’t resist. Both had charging stations, with the Sunset Mushroom’s resembling an AirPods case both in design and the way it functioned, whilst other elements such as their exquisite packaging, app-control and squishy translucent silicone all made for a level of quality that I don’t see enough of in this industry. The only downside was that neither the Sunset Mushroom nor Peachu were actually very good sex toys, and even though their compatible app is one of the better ones, it still wasn’t enough for me to recommend them. I could clearly see the potential, however, and so I’ve kept tabs on the brand ever since, eager to get my hands on whatever they released next in the hopes that it would finally be the one. Well, when I saw the Dream Bunny I was over the moon, and even more so when they asked if I wanted to review it!

Product Description

Like the Peachu, the Pink Punch Dream Bunny is an air pressure wave stimulator. Although I must not have been the only one to dislike the Peachu’s odd approach to suction, since the brand has already discontinued it. So, in a way, the Dream Bunny is its spiritual successor, and even from a first glance I can tell Pink Punch have made improvements to things I previously took issue with. For instance, one of the reasons that toy fell flat was its alternative take on the suction nozzle, whilst the Dream Bunny has kept things traditional with the tried-and-true design that didn’t need changing in the first place. Although it wouldn’t be Pink Punch without a little bit of a spin to the norm, and because of this they have included four different silicone nozzle attachments! Following in the footsteps of another very famous type of sex toy, the Dream Bunny then uses the humble rabbit for inspiration. The two ears (which actually remind me more of a sprout, especially in my version’s colour) rise up from the toy’s body and curve outwards, working as a handle that you may hold with your index and middle finger. This turns the Dream Bunny essentially into a wearable toy, and holding it in this way reminds me a lot of the Hot Octopuss DiGiT and Dame Fin. The brand’s signature silicone is then again in action here, with the soft “ears” being fully translucent before this material spreads out in a thin layer across the rest of the toy, although this effect is a bit more subtle than on the last two. Plus, a colour gradient also follows this change, from the almost clear ears to the darker base, with my copy being green but the Dream Bunny also coming in pink and white. Then, on one side you’ll find a single button from which to control the toy, whilst underneath this near the suction nozzle is both a logo and the metal plates for the Dream Bunny’s simple charging stand to connect to. Finally, as with Pink Punch’s other toys, this product is also app-controllable, body-safe, USB rechargeable and waterproof, and as a new addition it comes with a one year warranty.


Pink Punch Dream Bunny packagingPink Punch Dream Bunny packaging

My order for the Dream Bunny was made with Pink Punch on the 26th of March and I received it on the 3rd of April. The package was then 100% discreet, with no mention of the brand name and the items simply listed as “home casual clothes”. After the beautiful (yet almost identical) packaging of my last two Pink Punch toys, I was pretty eager to see what the Dream Bunny offered. Opening it up though, my initial impression was that something was missing. Whilst the last two had gorgeous clear sleeves that reinforced their brand’s commitment to design and also their layered silicone work, which were then removed to reveal a mostly plain white box, it seems the Dream Bunny has skipped the sleeve altogether and gone straight to the plain box. On the one hand, this reduces waste and ensures a more discreet package (although it does clearly say what it is on the back), but as a lover of design this is also a bit of a shame, and does make me wonder if there was a sleeve for this product at one point considering the level of negative space? Still, even with this, it is a very nice box, and if it wasn’t for my previous experiences with the brand then I would be quite happy. To access the toy, you can then slide the front off (this is quite tight and takes a little while, good for privacy but not so much as a reusable storage option), which will reveal a card envelope with the Pink Punch logo. This barrier looks nice, but without any flap or handle with which to remove it, it does result in a need to just tip the whole thing upside down to get everything out. Once that’s done, you’ll find the Dream Bunny (which was resting safely in plastic), alongside its charging stand, charging cord, four silicone nozzles, high-quality storage pouch, instruction manual, and small introductory card.

That introductory card was the thing I took the most interest in, as it states that during development Pink Punch “collected 100 women’s advice [on the Dream Bunny]; 80 vegetarians, including college students, working women, moms, and 20 erotic toy reviewers; a total of 673 design revisions and nearly 1,000 sensory tests were conducted”. This is the sort of thing I love to hear, but I was a little bit surprised, not just because of the surprising amount of vegetarians consulted, but because of the 20 toy reviewers. Not to toot my own horn, but where was my invite? In fact, despite the sex toy reviewer community being rather small, I haven’t heard of a single person being contacted about this, much less giving input. And even though I put the call out on social media to try and find somebody, I’ve had no luck. That’s not to say that Pink Punch are lying, they are a Chinese company and there could very well be a huge community of professional sex toy testers there that I have never heard of. But it does raise questions, especially considering the whole point of this statement is to express the wide pool of input they gathered on the Dream Bunny prior to its release.


Pink Punch Dream Bunny chargingPink Punch Dream Bunny charging

Charging the Dream Bunny is easy, and once again Pink Punch have included a compatible display stand for it to wirelessly connect to. This works the same as the Peachu’s, rather than the Sunset Mushroom’s more complicated (and problematic) version, although unlike that toy it doesn’t include a lid. Instead, it is a simple white stand featuring the Pink Punch logo and fitted to the Dream Bunny’s small dimensions. When ready to charge, you can connect one end of the charging cord to a USB port and the other end to this stand, before placing the Dream Bunny onto it, with it working whether or not the toy has one of its silicone nozzles attached. When in progress the light on the Dream Bunny’s side will flash, with this becoming solid once complete, and charging should take around 1.5 hours to give you 1.5 hours of play time (note that the English instructions mistranslate this portion and leave out the charging time, but running the Korean portion through a translator gives the correct meaning). Also worth mentioning is that the charging cord is branded, which is a big help when you own as many sex toys as I do. Finally, Pink Punch recommends charging the Dream Bunny at least once a month to help maintain the battery.


Whilst the Dream Bunny is primarily intended to be controlled via the Pink Punch app, it does also have a single button on its side for manual control. Using this is easy, as you simply need to hold it down to turn the toy on, continue clicking to cycle through the seven modes, and then just hold it down again to turn it off. Of these modes, four are then steady speeds and three are patterns, and whilst I would prefer even more steady speeds, this is still double what my recent review on the Funzze Pink “O” offered. My biggest criticism of the Pink Punch Peachu’s controls was that when first turning the toy on (as it used a stand-by mode function), and then again when the suction was activated, it would run its suction at its highest speed for .5 seconds. This is an issue I’ve run into on a few toys now, and it is always a problem since such a sudden intensity can cause short-term pain or desensitisation to the clitoris. But ultimately it just means you need to be a bit more careful when using such a toy, ensuring it is already activated prior to application. Yet somehow things have become much much worse on the Dream Bunny… because not only does this sudden pulsation of high speed suction appear when turning it on and off, but it also runs in between every mode!!!! This might just be one of the worst errors in judgement I’ve ever seen applied to an air pressure wave toy, and I absolutely don’t know how this made it through in-house testing, let alone the 100 people who supposedly tried it before release.

Pink Punch Dream Bunny buttonPink Punch Dream Bunny button
The Pink Punch Dream Bunny’s single button is almost invisible to the eye, yet a protruding bump makes it obvious to the touch. Can you spot it?

The App

Before you (rightfully) dismiss this product and close the review, you’ll be happy to know there is a saving grace. Whilst it cannot help the on/off high speed pulsation, when controlling the toy within the app there is thankfully no further intensity spikes. In fact, even without this issue, controlling the Dream Bunny with the app is definitely the superior option, as just like the last two products it offers a speed range from 0 to 100, both for its steady mode and three patterns. And it’s not just for show either, as it genuinely feels like the toy is slowly increasing throughout all 100 of those levels. Outside of this, I don’t have anything new to say about the Pink Punch app as it has not changed since the last time I reviewed it, and for a detailed look at my thoughts you can check out my sex toy app guide. Overall though this is one of my preferred apps, as whilst its functionality is limited compared to others, it does everything it needs to and it looks good doing it, whilst also being almost entirely glitch free.

First Impressions

Between my previous experience with the Peachu, the complete stupidity of the repeated intensity spikes, and the fact that the Pink Punch Dream Bunny visibly uses tap suction, an alternate form of suction that can also result in injury, I was not feeling the most positive going into my testing of this toy. But trying it out for the first time on my finger, I was at least reassured on that first point, as it is clear that this toy has solved many of the issues I had with the Peachu. I was particularly intrigued by the four suction nozzles, as even though I am used to receiving multiple with these toys, usually they will feature the same design but with different sized openings, either by width or length, in order to work for a wider range of people. Yet Pink Punch have done things differently as usual, because these nozzles each feature a unique shape, whilst keeping the opening size the same. This is a bummer for those who require a larger opening due to the size of their clitoris, and also makes me question how much they’ll actually effect stimulation since so much of it is just based on the actual suction chamber, not the nozzle itself. The one I’m most excited about though is the Polka (yes, they have names), which features a star-like pattern to introduce some texture into the area that makes contact with my vulva. Meanwhile, there is also the Convex, which is more like a traditional suction nozzle, the Donut, which provides extra cushioning, and the Flower, which instead of a round shape looks more like a flower with four petals. Finally, as for the noise level, I must say I am impressed, as the Dream Bunny is very low in volume.

Pink Punch Dream Bunny nozzlesPink Punch Dream Bunny nozzles

My Experience

My initial tests involved controlling the Pink Punch Dream Bunny manually. But even if the suction was some of the best I’ve ever felt, it would not be enough to make up for the high intensity pulses that happen every time I click its button. And considering this is very much not the case, with the suction itself being fairly lacklustre, using the Dream Bunny has been an unpleasant experience to say the least. The stimulation is definitely not the worst, but with air pressure waves that lean more on the side of buzzy, its high pitched nature doesn’t really compare to the far more thuddy and deeply penetrating suction I have grown accustomed to from higher-quality toys over the years. And whilst I do enjoy the ergonomic shape, which is both comfortable to hold and makes controlling it easy since my thumb naturally rests over the button (which can make me automatically press it even when using the app), unfortunately this just isn’t enough to win me over. Plus, even though I try my best to remember the pulses, I find myself constantly forgetting as I try to clear my mind in order to reach climax, and then repeatedly being surprised when sharp pain shoots through my clitoris every time I try to adjust it.

Whilst I am not the biggest fan of using toy apps personally (even though I enjoy reviewing them), and especially for a style of toy as intense as suction, I felt there was little choice when it came to the Dream Bunny. But even with the greater range of speeds and the removal of the sudden intensity spikes, I find the quality of the toy’s stimulation difficult to enjoy. The initial sensations are absolutely pleasurable, but as I continue to use it I find they don’t go anywhere, leaving me in a constant state of near-climax. Eventually I do thankfully orgasm, but it takes far longer than a usual suction toy and is also far less satisfying, requiring me to use another one afterwards, like the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation or Womanizer Premium 2, to finish myself off. Another reason for this may be that once again I believe this toy struggles to form a suction seal around me, which also results in a louder volume during use than I had initially thought. Regardless, easily the worst part of using the Dream Bunny comes afterwards, as I am almost always left in varying levels of pain, whether I use the app or not. The first time I used it was the worst, with my clitoris being so injured that I felt it for days afterwards, but this is something that has persisted throughout my tests in lessening degrees, likely due to my increasing reliance on the app. Finally, it’s also worth mentioning that even though I tried all four nozzles and switched between them regularly, they made no difference to the stimulation. I did feel a slight change in sensation against my vulva, but in comparison to the intense air pressure waves, this was barely noticeable. 

Cleaning & Care

Pink Punch Dream Bunny storage bagPink Punch Dream Bunny storage bag

Cleaning the Pink Punch Dream Bunny is easy since it is waterproof. After use, simply remove the applied nozzle, and then pop both it and the body into some warm soapy water, before rinsing and leaving to air dry (depending on how messy things got, you might even be able to get away with just cleaning the nozzle). In addition, do make sure to not use silicone-based lubricants with this product, as it may damage the silicone it is made of.

Final Thoughts

If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout my years as a sex toy tester, it is that bad products do exist. So this, especially from a new brand with only two other not-so-great toys under their belt, is not all that surprising. What does concern me, however, is the claims that the Dream Bunny has been extensively tested, and by professional reviewers like me no less. So unless vegetarians have very weird taste, I fail to see how such obvious problems weren’t picked up early in development. And even if this is all a lie, considering they asked me for my feedback on the now discontinued Peachu and I told them that the initial high intensity pulsation when activating the toy was a big problem, the idea that they took that advice and said, “Hey, you know what would be great? What if we include that pulsation every time someone clicks the button?!”, makes me worry for the future of Pink Punch. It is clear that the designers on the team know what they are doing. I love the unique shape of this toy, and even without its cute appearance, it made the Dream Bunny a joy to hold and control. Plus, once again the packaging looked great, the charging stand worked well, the app was easy to use, and even though the suction nozzles didn’t make that much of an impact, who cares, they’re essentially free! Sadly, they have all just been let down once again by the actual electronics, and dare I say it, by not enough real human testing beforehand. Overall, I’m still rooting for Pink Punch, and I dearly hope that one day soon they can match their superb designs to stimulation worthy of them. But for now, I cannot recommend the Dream Bunny.

You can get the Dream Bunny directly from Pink Punch for just $108 AUD / $69.90 USD, plus use my code GRACE30 to get 30% OFF your total order!

Last updated: 12/6/24
Price at the time of writing: $108 AUD / $69.90 USD

Last year the most exciting new brand I tried had to be Pink Punch. Launching onto the scene with their adorable aesthetic, which evoked early 2000s nostalgia with their Polly Pocket-style cases and cyberpunk app, their flagship product the Sunset Mushroom, and later the Peachu, not only looked amazing but offered a range of features that I just couldn’t resist. Both had charging stations, with the Sunset Mushroom’s resembling an AirPods case both in design and the way it functioned, whilst other elements such as their exquisite packaging, app-control and squishy translucent silicone all made for a level of quality…

Review: Pink Punch Dream Bunny

Review: Pink Punch Dream Bunny



No matter how I used this toy, I ended up in pain, and not the good kind!!

Material – 100%

Design – 20%

Solo – 40%

Partner – 30%

Suction – 60%

Noise Level – 75%



No matter how I used this toy, I ended up in pain, and not the good kind!!

This post was sponsored by Pink Punch, but as always, all opinions are my own. 

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