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Bought defective We-Wibe Melt and now thinking switching to…


I’ve spent a wonderful 3 years of my life with We-Wibe Melt, which I used at the highest speed, and it could give me 3 or 4 orgasms with pretty short refraction periods in between. It died last month, and surely enough I immediately bought a new Melt. Unfortunately, even though it looks the same, it’s nowhere near its predecessor performance-wise: the highest speed is too slow and not smooth, and I have a hard time reaching even one orgasm. It’s now such hard work that this only orgasm is not even pleasurable.

I doubt the manufacturer deliberately made the vibrator slow, so I think it’s just a faulty product. Not sure I’ll be able to get my money back (I am in Australia) but now considering switching to something more reliable. Maybe a Womanizer Classic? Or Pro 40, or LIberty 2? Or splurge on Next? Are they more powerful and reliable than We-Wibe Melt?

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