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Some New Stuff From Fun Factory

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Fun Factory

If you’re well acquainted with the brand Fun Factory then you’re probably also familiar with their range of pulsators, hands-free thrusters that don’t involve the typical mechanical movement of every other thruster on the market, but instead use their own patented pulse technology. This year they’ve decided to do something new and introduce the Sundaze, a toy designed to pleasure in no less than 3 different ways. Not only does it utilise their unique pulse technology but the toy also vibrates, this combination of technologies isn’t in any other toy currently on the market and is designed to bring you new sensations.

Like nearly all toys designed and manufactured by this German brand, the Sundaze is made completely of medical grade materials which includes the 100% hypoallergenic and non-porous silicone of the shaft. The toy is rechargeable and takes 5 hours to charge fully, it can last anywhere between 40 minutes and 3 hours depending on your preferred intensity setting.

The Sundaze is noticeably smaller than the rest of the pulsating range with a total length (including the handle) of 17.5 cm and a diameter of only 3.5 cm, making it more comparable to Fun Factorys’ line of mini vibrators. This makes it easier for the toy to have direct access to the g-spot and allows for a more versatile range of stimulatory uses, such as external play. Due to the compact size of the Sundaze and the fact that all of the brands rechargeable toys have travel locks, this toy is great for taking on romantic getaways or any kind of travel really.

Did You Know The Sundaze Stimulates 3 Nerve Endings?

While most sex toys are created to stimulate only 1 type of nerve ending, the Sundaze has been designed to stimulate 3. This is due to the fact that different types of nerve endings process different types of stimulation and the Sundaze offers a variety of sensations, so unlike a regular vibrator it is able to provide pleasure to multiple. The Sundaze comes with a total of 15 curated modes for you to move through during use, as well as the ability to set any of these as your ‘favourite’ so you don’t have to waste your time scrolling through to get to this preferred setting as the toy will start on it automatically.

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Now, what’s super cool about this toy and one of the things that makes it so unique, is its ability to boost blood flow and wake up nerve endings. This allows for you to more easily become aroused, and therefore increases your chances of orgasm. The toy can also increase the intensity of any play after use, so it’s perfect for foreplay or as a precursor to a hookup.

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Are You Interested In Alternative Toys?

The We-Vibe Tango X & Touch X


To start the year off with a bang, We-Vibe decided to redo 2 of their older, handheld vibes. The Tango and Touch have been made over as the Tango X and Touch X. Both X version toys include the standard We-Vibe magnetic charging ports, a solid and well overdue upgrade from the older pin magnetic charging that required a two part charger and was considerably less aesthetically pleasing as well as being noticeably harder to keep clean.

What Is The Difference Between These Toys?

While the Tango X has (for the majority) stuck with the Tango’s original colour scheme of pink and blue, the Touch X has completely ditched the Touch’s classic We-Vibe purple for a coral and dark green/blue. As to match We-Vibe’s current rebrand, the packaging for these products has also been completely redone with a more sophisticated font and overall look.

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Both toys have a total of 8 intensity levels, are IPX7 waterproof (submersible), take 90 minutes to fully charge and can hold up to 2 full hours charge as well as coming equipped with a travel lock for added versatility. Overall they uphold We-Vibe’s very high standards in terms of quality, but one negative to note is that similar to their predecessors, neither the Tango X nor the Touch X are app controllable, therefore the preinstalled vibration modes are what you’re limited to. In addition to this you’re unable to control the toy outside of manually (which in my personal opinion isn’t that big of a loss, considering they’re both handheld toys).

 Better Build, Material And Quality Is Evident

Now onto the actual design changes, when comparing the Tango X to its predecessor, the addition of a silicone grip is very noticeable. The toy is made to be nearly a full centimetre longer and just over 4millimetres wider (at its widest point), so although the size difference is there it’s not super noticeable and wont make the toy obtrusive. Instead the Tango X is much easier to keep a hold of in comparison to the Tango (especially while lubricated).

The controls on the Tango X are made to be much more user friendly, with a total of 3 buttons to move between functions, vs the Tango’s 1, so you can say goodbye to having to cycle through your functions and hello to moving effortlessly between your options.

 What Are The New Controls Like?

The Touch X also moves from the previously seen (and generally disliked) 1 button control system onto the arguably better 3 button system for easier movement between functions. Besides the charging/base portion of the toy there aren’t any changes made obvious to the naked eye when considering the Touch X in comparison to the Touch, but once you get a hold of the toys it’s easy to feel the difference. The Touch X is noticeably softer and more flexible than its predecessor, it’s also slightly longer. These two factors are designed to increase your comfort while using the toy.

Make Your Own Choice

The Fun Factory Sundaze, We-Vibe Tango X and Touch X exemplify quality in adult toys. Sundaze offers unique pulsation and vibration for diverse stimulation. Tango X and Touch X present improved designs and enhanced user experiences. These toys ensure satisfaction and versatility for all preferences. Visit Adult Smart to explore these exciting products and elevate your pleasure to new heights. Don’t miss out on the best in intimate technology.

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