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What Is A Penis Wand? Discover How To Use It Here

a penis wand

This is a complete guide which will explain what is a Penis Wand, Prince’s Wands, Electro Sex Wands and Catheters. It will also explain to you 11 important tips to use your penis wand and urethral sex toy safely.

What is A Penis Wand?

A Penis Wand is a type of urethral sex toy which is often made from surgical stainless steel which is inserted into the urethra for sexual pleasure. Sex Toys which are made with surgical steel are 100% body safe. They are typically used by men but can also be used by women for urethral play. Women who want to use Penis Wands should go for the shorter versions which are made for their body type.

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What is A Prince’s Wand?

A Prince’s Wand is the most popular penis plug, it consists of a tube which is made with a hollow centre with a threaded cap on one end which can be taken off when the man needs to ejaculate or urinate. The Prince’s Wand is inserted into the urethra and the stem is inserted through the man’s Prince Albert piercing.

The stem is used to hold the Prince’s Wand in position to keep the man’s hand free for masturbation. It is said that the Princes Wand looks like a policeman’s nightstick. These Surgical Steel Sex Toys are popular among men who enjoy having fun with Urethral Play, to use them correctly one needs to take precision measurements of their penis and urethra tract when both limp and erect.

Prince’s Wands come in 3 unique designs that include Standard, Pinless Wands and Ringed Wands. Each bearing its own unique features and characteristics.

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What Is An Electro Sex Wand?

Electro Sex Wands are commonly made with Surgical Stainless which allow them to be used as an electric conductor for electro play. To use, connect one lead cable to the external section of your Electro Sex Wand. The Electro Sex Wand is capable of sending pleasure waves throughout your penis, allowing you to climax without necessarily having to touch the glans.

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What Is A Urethral Wand?

Urethral Wands are similar to Penis Plugs but they are much longer. They are used for deep insertion into the urethra all the way up to the bladder. Urethral Wands are available to be bought in Kits so that you can work your way up to a bigger size. Some Urethral Wands send vibrations through the wearer’s body for extra stimulation when they are tapped on with a finger.

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What Is A Catheter?

Another type of urethral sex toy is a Catheter which is frequently inserted right up into the bladder and is used for medical play. Catheters are made with plastic or latex. Catheters are often designed so that they ergonomically curve with the shape of the urethra.

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11 Tips To Follow For Safe Urethral Play

  • Don’t take drugs that can numb the sensations.

Numbing your urethra or penis is hazardous to your health as you won’t be able to tell when you are in pain or discomfort.

  • Don’t use water based lubricant.

You will need to find a lubricant that is sterile like SuperSlyde which is silicone-based and can be used for long term wear or Surgilube. Don’t ever use a personal lubricant which has additives like nonoxynol-9 oil or flavours, these additives may aggravate the bladder. You should not use oil-based lubricants as they are hard to expel from the Urethra.

Make sure your Urethral Sex Toy is sterilized and cleaned before and after each use. You should use anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner to hygienically clean your sex toy.

  • Make Sure To Urinate Before And After

Urinate before and after using a Penis Plug or Urethral Sex Toy. This serves to clean out anything foreign particles or bacteria which helps to prevent damage or infection.

  • See A Doctor If Any Discomfort

If you experience any discomfort or ‘spotting’ immediately see your Doctor to have a check-up.

If you want to do some ‘buddy’ or shared urethral play be cautious to ensure that everything is ultra-sterile and that your lover has no infections or other ailments that you may be able to catch.

When you have a Cum Thru Penis Plug ensure that no fluid goes into the Urethral Sex Toy, fluid should only be coming out of the Penis Plug.

  • If It Gets Stuck Don’t Tense

In the event that you let go of your Urethral Sound or Penis Plug and it inserts itself deeper inside the urethra. Relax – do not get tense – as the urethra should naturally expel any foreign object.

After you used Urethral Sex Toys your urethra will be susceptible to infection. If you are having sex after or during urethral play please use a condom.

  • Don’t Use Low Quality or Damaged Products

On the off chance that you come across a Urethral Sex Toy which is sharp edges, scratches or manufacturing defaults you should not use the product as it can cause harm to your body. Rather than taking your chances, you should throw it away and invest in a higher quality product.

  • When using Urethral Sex Toys do not tense up. The urethra contains many nerve endings that give incredible sensations when stimulated with the plugs.

Wrapping Up

Understanding the different types of penis wands and how to use them safely can enhance your sexual experiences. Always prioritize safety by using sterile, high-quality products and the correct lubricants. Follow the provided tips to prevent infections and discomfort. If you experience any pain or unusual symptoms, consult a healthcare professional immediately.

Proper preparation and care ensure a pleasurable and safe urethral play experience. Remember to communicate openly with your partner if engaging in shared play. By adhering to these guidelines, you can enjoy the unique sensations that penis wands and urethral toys offer. Stay informed, stay safe, and enjoy responsibly.




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