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Not too big, not too small


I’ve had a few Vixen products (spur and mustang). The spur is too small and mustang is too large. I just got the Uberrime Splendid size small dual density thinking it’d be between those but much to my dismay the splendid small is basically the mustang. Actually, my measurements show it’s actually larger than the mustang (circumference 5” vs 4.5”). I’ve inadvertently sized up not down! I felt a bit misled on size and now I’ve got something I won’t use. I’ve thought about getting the newer vixen colt because I wanted a dual density dildo however the size (on paper) is the same as the splendid though I know probably not in reality. There are also so few reviews on the colt.

I need help finding something smaller than the mustang and potentially smaller than the colt but larger than the spur. I’d like something with a curve and a pronounced bulbous head because that’s what I like for hitting the spot.

Please help?

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