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Wedding RSVP requires debit card number — is that normal?

RSVP card on flowers for a party or event

Wait — cover charges at weddings are a thing now?

One allegedly brazen bride-to-be left tongues wagging after a nonplussed nuptial invitee shared the news they’d been asked for their debit card details during the ‘invasive’ online RSVP process.

The ridiculous request went viral after the grossed out guest sought help better understanding the situation by posting to popular mommy message board

The couple’s wedding invitation required guests to submit their bank information in order to RSVP. Getty Images/iStockphoto

“Are we just totally out of touch with current wedding invitation protocols, or is this a thing now?” the OP questioned,

The woman confessed she’d been delighted to receive the wedding invitation from a friend of the family — but her joy turned to confusion after she was asked to scan a QR code on the invite to proceed with her RSVP.

The scan called up an online form for guests to fill out. At first, the information requests seemed harmless enough — name, address, email. Then things took a turn toward the more invasive.

“The site asks us to enter our [debit] card details, and [we] can’t move on without doing this,” the PO’d pal revealed.

Without inputting the sensitive financial information, she could not proceed with the RSVP.

“This feels a really odd thing to ask of your wedding guests,” she said.

To top it off, guests were allegedly informed that they have seven days to review the wedding web site details — after which a monthly fee will be charged.

Fellow moms reacted quickly to the situation.

“I’m confused. Why do they need your…card details? I’ve never heard of this before,” one person admitted.

“Yes that sounds insane,” confessed another. “Not a chance in hell I’d give [mine].”

The QR code took guests to the wedding site with a list of required information. Getty Images

“This sounds like they have messed up whatever online service they are using. I would just let them know,” commented a blogger.

In a follow-up post, the OP revealed that the bank information form was not a mistake.

“It isn’t a mistake; guests do have to input card details in order to accept/decline invitations, give menu choices, etc,” she wrote.

Another online spectator speculated that the couple implemented the odd ask to deter unwanted guests from attending.

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