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How to ask dildos/penetrative toys pleasurable?


Making a post cuz searching this Reddit mostly provided results about anal dildo use which isn’t my situation.

I’m an afab (assigned female at birth) genderfluid person (pronouns he/xe) on testosterone (3yrs next month) who never had penetrative sex/used penetrative toys before T. Mentioning this because allegedly T can make the vagina tighter and drier but I have nothing to compare it to since I’ve always gotten off on clitoral stimulation. Once I tried the satisfyer I was hooked and never looked back/for any alternative. But recently I’ve wanted to explore other masturbation options and got my first dildo back in November. It was supposed to be on the smaller side but idk, I had no luck with even inserting it a tiny bit until after I had penetrative sex for the first time a few weeks ago and now I can get the whole 5 inches in after a bit of warming up. However, it doesn’t really feel good? It just kinda feels like an object is sitting inside me and I don’t get any pleasure from the sensation. and moving it around is kinda awkward/uncomfortable and even painful. I’m wondering if it’s because I still need to get used to it or if dildos will always be uncomfortable for me in some way? I have a vibrating insertable toy as well but that doesn’t feel good either. maybe it’s technique or something I could be doing differently. Open to any suggestions folx might have. Thanks in advance!

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