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Warning: Do NOT purchase realcock2


I ordered a realcock2 for a Christmas present for my partner in early October 2023. I still have not received it to this date.

The initial time frame given was 4-6 weeks as is still listed disingenuously on their website today. After spending $600 on a product of this sort I would expect a lot better. I have engaged with customer support three times each time the lead time getting moved further and further back. Initially January, then late April and after waiting a month to my last support email it has moved to November. I would have not purchased this product if the lead time was honest and I think the company is either going bust or a scam at this point. I have asked for a refund but have been ignored so I’ll be chasing my credit card company for a chargeback now but as it was in October this may be futile.

Whilst I’ve heard good things about their products, do not purchase one for yourself unless you’re happy to wait over a year for your toy.

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