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Wand broke. Recommendations?


Hi 👋
My corded Hitachi’s been breaking down on me for months I’ve been putting up with it but I think it’s it’s fully dead at this point and I’m over it. I don’t know what happened but if I apply even the slightest bit of pressure the motor just dies in like 5 seconds and it broke so fast after buying it im skeptical of buying another Hitachi but I’m also skeptical of other brands so I’d realy like some recommendations. 🥲👍

My price range is 100-150
I really just want something that won’t break on me or at least won’t break easy

I don’t mind wands being large like 8-12+ inches is fine. A larger one is fine as long as it has a good motor.

I’m in California USA

I liked how strong the Hitachi was it just happened to break realy fast. I also had a palm power that broke, it wasn’t as strong as the Hitachi sadly but it still worked fine.

I also live with roommates so big strong and *quiet* is the goal 🥲

(I’m kinda picky abt aesthetics sorry 😭 but I’d prefer something that’s not pink or purple I’m realy hoping to find something in black but any recommendations are welcome)

I’ve heard good things about Doxy and Vim fun factory? Is Doxy worth? And what model? Is Vim any good? 😭 I’m so lost with all these brands and expensive toys.

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