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The Mystery Behind The Time Of The Month

Soft Tampon Box by Joydivion

The Time Of The Month

Ladies this one is for you, we all know and sometimes love or sometimes hate when “that” time of the month comes around, am I right? You love her when she visits to tell you that the condom actually worked the other week or things up there are actually working to plan but it’s always those moments when you seriously don’t want her around like for that holiday you booked, for some down time with that someone special and she decides she just wants to be that annoying friend that wants to be so bloody nosy and pop by whenever they please.

Then when she does come around your hormones and thoughts are so pipped up and confused as hell! Firstly you want chocolate, then you want sex, then you are extremely sad about every damn thing in the world, then you want sex, then you want to kill someone, and then you’re hungry, and finally you start crying at every possible thing that might go wrong even the thought of not having sex, but who would want to do that?

Is There Any Solution For This?

Ewww… it’s gross and red and yeah I won’t go on but you get my point, right? Well do I have the solution for you? Of course I do, I obviously wouldn’t be writing for the sake of it ha-ha, please open your mind as, I am introducing the one and only “SOFT TAMPON”!

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About Soft Tampons

This bad boy isn’t like any regular tampon or pad you’ve ever used before, don’t get me wrong this isn’t for everyone but I always try to keep an open mind and try new things which brings me to the soft tampon, they are ideal for those special moments in life when she comes to visit but you need to act all cool and pretend she never did.

Using Soft Tampons

  • Read Instructions Carefully: Familiarize yourself with the product’s usage guidelines to ensure proper and safe insertion.
  • Maintain Hygiene: Wash your hands thoroughly before and after handling the tampon to prevent infections.
  • Use a Comfortable Position: Insert the soft tampon while in a comfortable position, such as squatting or with one leg elevated.
  • Check Regularly: Be mindful of the duration and change the tampon every 4-6 hours to avoid risks like Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).
  • Dispose Properly: Wrap used tampons in toilet paper and dispose of them in a sanitary bin, not in the toilet.

It’s extremely convenient to use, thanks to the handy pull tab, you only need one finger to insert and remove him! They are made environmentally friendly, non-toxic sponge material and contains no chemicals whatsoever which will eliminate the possibility of internal irritation, they are soft (obviously, the name gives that part away), comfortable and pleasant to wear.

Soft tampons are the only tampons that give you the opportunity to still have sexual intercourse on your period with no mess, the best part is this little sponge can even hold your heavy flow.

How Do Soft Tampons Work?

Soft tampons by Joy Division are designed for comfortable and discreet use during sexual intercourse. Made from a soft, flexible material, they conform to your body’s shape, ensuring comfort. These tampons are worn internally, making them unnoticeable to your partner, allowing intimate moments without traditional tampon strings. They effectively absorb menstrual flow while remaining pliable, reducing the risk of leaks during intercourse. Constructed from body-safe materials, they are gentle on the vaginal walls and can be worn for several hours safely.

By maintaining hygiene standards, soft tampons help you stay comfortable and confident during your period, even during intimate activities. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for insertion, wear, and removal to ensure safety and effectiveness. This makes soft tampons an excellent choice for those seeking a discreet and comfortable menstrual product that supports an active and intimate lifestyle.

5 Special Aspects About The Soft Tampon

  • You can go swimming.
  • Play all kinds of sports.
  • Go into a sauna.
  • You can sleep up to 8 hours with him in with no mess or fuss.
  • One size fits all.

So, next time you beg for Mother Nature to just send you a text saying

‘Whaddup Girl? You ain’t pregnant. Have a great week. Talk to ya next month!’

Truly you know that’s not happening anytime soon but you still want to feel comfortable, relaxed and if you have that opportunity to get your freak on. Grab a Soft Tampon you won’t have to worry about a thing and trust me he’ll never even notice it’s there.

If you would like to find out more information, read this article on how to relieve sexual tension on your period.

Time Of The Month

Alternative Methods To Have Sex While On Your Period

  • Menstrual Cups: These silicone or rubber cups collect menstrual blood and can be worn during sex for a cleaner experience. They are reusable and comfortable.
  • Period-Safe Diaphragms: Similar to menstrual cups, these diaphragms are inserted into the vagina to collect blood and can be used during intercourse.
  • Condoms: Using condoms can help reduce the mess and maintain hygiene by containing menstrual blood.
  • Soft Tampons: These are specifically designed for use during sex and can absorb menstrual blood without being noticeable to your partner.
  • Dark Towels: Placing a dark towel on the bed can help manage any potential mess and make cleanup easier.
  • Shower Sex: Engaging in sex in the shower can help wash away menstrual blood immediately, making the experience cleaner and more comfortable.
  • Intimate Wipes: Keep intimate wipes nearby for quick cleanups before and after sex to maintain hygiene.
  • Communication: Discussing preferences and comfort levels with your partner can help ensure a respectful and enjoyable experience.

Wrapping Up:

The time of the month can be easier and more comfortable with soft tampons. Designed for discreet use during intercourse, they provide a hygienic and mess-free experience. Alternative methods like menstrual cups, condoms, and shower sex also offer clean and intimate options. Embrace these solutions to maintain comfort and confidence during your period. Don’t let menstruation hinder your lifestyle. Soft tampons and other methods ensure you can stay active and enjoy intimate moments. Explore these options and choose what works best for you.

Author: Demi is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave








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