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Something to note if you’re in Canada and order sex toys….


Hey everyone,

Just thought it might be handy to spread the word that ordering from, and possibly others, is no longer guaranteed to be discreet with if you use the less expensive shipping option and have instructions for delivery.

For more details…

It looks like IntelCom has moved into being a major shipper in Canada and I just had a recent order from left in my building lobby. I actually returned home at almost midnight as a kind neighbor was delivering it to my door.

Often I’ve recieved Amazon orders the same way and 50% of the time my package is either ripped open and left in the lobby (with my (and/or my girlfriend’s) name and info on it) or just missing.

Generally I’ve really only found “boring” things like electrical components, car parts, miscellaneous tools, etc. still in the box when it’s been left open.

I figured this might be a thing people would like to know about in case there’s sensitive items or specific instructions to prevent theft.

My understanding is that IntelCom pays their drivers per delivery, and there’s zero repercussions if they don’t follow delivery instructions. Meaning they literally make more per hour if they spend less time and just dump everything for a building inside the door and select “delivered” in their app. Essentially, skip the dishes without any way to contact the deliverer or skip.

It’s basically been going on since Covid, over 2 cities for me. Thankfully when it’s been Amazon they’ve always sent me a replacement when it’s stolen. I’m thinking my girlfriend might be a bit upset we find an order of a clit simulator and lube sitting open in the lobby with our name on it though. Lol

I explained all this to pinkcherry customer service

1. I showed them an example label of a parcel I found in my lobby the day before saying “Packages stolen often, please only deliver to my apartment door. Please No mailroom/lobby as it will be stolen”
2. Pointed how this could affect a lot of people.
3. Pointed out how this could invalidate their promise of “discreet shipping”.

They told me they use 3 shippers for the inexpensive shipping option, and that if I don’t want it to happen again then I should pay for fedex.

So, I figured as they don’t seem to care if their deliveries are handled in the way the customer wants then maybe I’d share my experience and see if it helps anyone else.

Examples of this causing an issue.

1. You live in a specific suite and don’t want others to get the package. Maybe family, a landlord, whomever.
2. There’s a specific packages container you want it left in for security.
3. There’s a secret door knock. Jk jk.

You get the idea though. Essentially, if you live in Canada and have been ordering from Amazon in the last bit, you’ll know if IntelCom locally will follow your instructions or not.

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5 thoughts on “Something to note if you’re in Canada and order sex toys….

  1. Verified-Customer says:

    You know which business to not buy from!

  2. Verified-Customer says:

    Glad for the heads up, thanks!
    I too have had issues with shippers. Fedex in particular. Then always leave my packages at the end of my loooong driveway. No excuses, I’ve no gate, driveway is plenty large enough for their trucks too. I’ve “lost” a $3500.00 shipment last November to some dopers down the road too. Driver stopped to ask if they were at right house and doper said he was my son in law. In spite of package being marked “must show I.D., signature required”, they just gave it to them!
    Yeah, Fuckupex paid for that one!!!
    But the dopers now have a state of the art thermal rifle scope and you can hear them down there poaching and don’t see any lights.
    Meh….of all the people to get such a piece of tech.

  3. Verified-Customer says:

    Thank you! I ordered from them once. Now I know they’re a one and done company

  4. Verified-Customer says:

    We’re based in Canada and ship with Canada Post 🙂


  5. Verified-Customer says:

    IntelCom is pretty bad.

    IME, FlexDelivery with Canada Post is well worth getting setup. It doesn’t cost anything. It can be a bit of hassle to have to go pick up the package, but I’ve never had anything get lost or stolen when using the service.

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