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The evolution process of standardization in sex toys


Today, the sex toy industry is gradually becoming more complete, with design, production, and safety standards becoming more regulated and refined. Many believe that we are currently in a golden age of sex toys.

Sex toys have a long history, with the world’s oldest known sex toy being a 20-centimeter-long phallus-like object dating back approximately 28,000 years. Today, in order to enhance our own and our partners’ sexual experiences, we have created a wide variety of high-tech sex toys. The evolution of these toys is not only impressive but also a captivating story.



Over the past decade, sex toys have successfully shed their taboo reputation and entered the mainstream. However, the development of sex toys goes far beyond this. Every year, new technologies and advancements are being developed in the field, including wireless control capabilities. Each innovation further liberates us from ancient taboos. Human sexuality is destined to be constantly explored rather than confined to a dark secret or viewed as something dirty.

The emergence of “Fifty Shades of Grey” has given many women a lot of “new knowledge.” As people’s curiosity about exploring sexual satisfaction increases, BDSM (bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism) is becoming more and more open. Although the book was published in 2011, we can still see its impact, and with the release of the film adaptation, this curiosity may increase again.


In the film “Fifty Shades Darker,” we see some new SM sex toys that meet the audience’s expectations. In addition, SM sex toys are becoming more fashionable, such as wearing harnesses, collars, and cuffs, which have become a sexy trend. After watching “Fifty Shades of Grey,” customers are increasingly curious about areas beyond BDSM. Driven by curiosity, people will explore deeper levels of sexual desire.

Role-playing, gender swapping, and open relationships will become more common in the future. Although it took a long time for sex toys to catch up with design trends, we are finally starting to see adult products that focus on design, and they are becoming fashionable and wearable.


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