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Tailbone pain from butt plug – recommendations


Recently bought a lovehoney mon ami vibrating butt plug for my girlfriend, on the first use everything went fairly smoothly. We left it in for about 15 mins while messing around, tried out the vibrations, then took it out as we didn’t think DP was a good idea on day 1.

On the 2nd time we tried it a week later, it was not as comfortable for her but she thought maybe she was tender from the last time, she wanted to keep going so we did, after a while she was fine and said she wanted to try PIV with the plug in. After about 30 seconds we had to stop as she said there was too much pressure on her tail bone.

Another week later, we inserted the plug and almost immediately she wasn’t happy and removed it as her tailbone was uncomfortable. Perhaps still bruised from last week.

It’s quite a solid plug, not very big, she is fairly petite at about 5’2.

Is this a common issue? (not getting many hits with searches)

Can anyone suggest a better plug that would either avoid her tailbone or be soft enough to not be an issue? Ideally one that vibrates as she really enjoyed that part.

I have found 3 maybes, the lovesense hush 2 seems to be really popular for comfort but I’m not sold as it seems very similar to the one we bought.

The vibrating worlds most comfortable butt plug. Bit concerned the long neck will just move the pressure higher up her spine.

And a metal Pure plug that has a curved neck that might avoid this problem but unfortunately there’s no vibrator.

Any input appreciated.

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