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Support and resources for trans+ young people

Support and resources for trans+ young people

Looking for further info and advice about gender identity? We’ve got you.

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Switchboard is the national LGBTQIA+ support line. For anyone, anywhere in the country, at any point in their journey. You can call, email, or use their online chat to discuss anything related to sexuality and gender identity. Whether it’s sexual health, relationships or just the way you’re feeling.

Organisations offering support and information
Support on staying healthy
Information about transitioning
Sex and relationships resources

We recognise it’s not easy to get the support you need in the current UK healthcare system, including Gender Identity Clinics. There are long waiting times and, on top of that, social barriers that can make it even harder. Race, being disabled, and being neurodivergent (and more) can all play a part. It also takes a lot of energy to ask for help, and you might not have lots of energy at the moment. If all you can manage is talking to a trusted adult, then that’s a good place to start. Childline has lots of tips for who that ‘trusted adult’ may be for you, and how to start the conversation.

This article is part of our “Am I Trans?” Translating Sex, Identity & Relationships content series: supporting trans+ young people to access sex and relationships education that is relevant to their experiences and needs. Discover the full series here.

We use the term trans+ in our articles as an umbrella term intended to incorporate all transgender, non-binary, agender and genderfluid identities.

Some of the content addresses potentially triggering topics, such as transphobia and gender dysphoria. We’ve added specific content warnings to these pieces, but please take a moment to check in with yourself and how you’re feeling before diving into the series.

Last Reviewed 22 April 2024

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