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Strange smell on tip of dildos? Medical issue? Help!


Hi! First time poster here. Im here because I’ve been having a strange issue and have been having a lot of trouble finding information about this online and figured someone else here has probably experienced something similar.

I have a small collection of dildos, 2 silicone and 1 PVE that is on its way out. I noticed a very strange and gross smell on the very tip of my two dildos- and today, i got my first bad dragon (yippee!) And it was fine, but after using it for the first time, i noticed the smell was on the very tip of my new toy, too, so im convinced that it’s something in my actual body causing this issue.

For context, i do not use my dildos for anal. I am a FTM trans men on testosterone and have no other symptoms, so i dont think it’s an infection. I am STD free and feel otherwise fine, but the smell has lingered on my toys for months. I even tried to boil my silicone dildo and thoroughly wash it and the smell persists on the tip of the toy.

I wouldnt describe the smell as “fishy”. To be honest, its hard to describe. It’s not a chemical smell, but some kind of gross body smell like a butt smell. It’s only appearing at the very tip of all 3 of my dildos which has me a bit concerned- could this be a uterus related problem? Early signs of Vaginal atrophy from 6 months of HRT Testosterone? Is bad smell evel a symptom of that? I have no idea what’s going on.

If anyone else here has had a similar experience, please let me know, and let me know if you have found a way to remove the smell from your toys. I like to use dildos for anal play and the smell is foul and off-putting. There is no strange taste or sensation, just the smell. Thank you for reading.

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