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Eating Her Out, and eating out are very different aspects of eating…

How to Give and Receive Great Cunnilingus

Ok. Let’s cut to the chase, the orgasm gap is real. Recent research has suggested that in most hetero relationships, women are few orgasms, as little as one orgasm in 3 shags.

Time to boost those sad stats. Here are a few hot tips from a lesbian sexpert, for giving and receiving the best cunnilingus.

Tips for Givers

Well, yes, your hygiene matters. Having said that, the vagina is cleaner than the mouth! So begin with rinsing your mouth out, some minty fresh mouth wash will also give a tingling effect.  File your nails and remove all snags. 

Lip Service

Get familiar what is actually down there, especially the clitoris. Get to know the pleasure points inside and out of her. You will be surprised. 

Dont just dive in and start licking away. Firstly, your partner may feel a little exposed and vulnerable, and remind her that you too are loving the experience and get to know the lay of the land. Kiss and tease the outside areas before diving for the clit. Gentle strokes, up the belly and between the thighs, keeping the connection.

The Hood Is Good

Yes it is. It is sensitive and full of delicious nerve endings. The “hood” protects the clit and allows you to distribute a more even stimulation, building arousal. 

Discover Shallowing –  the idea is to keep penetrative touch to the entrance of the vagina. Use the tongue to gently circle the area. Keep it on the outside. This is the art of vulva pleasure. 

Tips For Receivers

Prepare down there. First step, tidy her up, pluck, shave, or wax. There is nothing more disconcerting that a hairy buju. No need for flowery douches. Keeping the ph balance ensures you lubricate. 

Take a shower and moisturise you vagina. A drop of water-based lube massaged into the entrance of the vagina is an essential.

Get comfy. Ensure that everything is on hand. Lube, flavoured is fun, if you have a wedge, use it.  Or get out the pillows and a throw to snuggle up in the cooler weather.


Relax. Do not tense up. Tensing up will not allow you to enjoy the heady breathing and really receive the bliss. 

Communicate. If it feels good let them know. You can guide your partners head and hold it, grinding yourself against them. Its as sexy as all hell.

This is a two way experience. Participate with your partner, touch them. 

Invest in some edible lube. Nothing beats the flavor of Tangy Tangerine or Naughty Apple flavored lube. Or try System Jo’s  H2O’s are delicious. Personally love Sex on THe Beach; or Shunga’s edible chocolate in white or dark chocolate. 

The Clitoris

136550732 the structure of the vulva the structure of the clitoris female genital organs hymen infographics136550732 the structure of the vulva the structure of the clitoris female genital organs hymen infographics

The clit has more nerve ending of any organ in the body, it’s sole purpose is to bring you pleasure.

Yes. The Clitoris. The part of the female anatomy that is so often talked about, sometimes in jest, as if it is some kind of mystery.  

Pleasure is not a mystery and understanding the anatomy of the clitoris is essential for sexual health and certainly pleasure.

All too often the clit is misunderstood. And she is thrust with rapid rubbing. She refuses to get wet. Stubborn she might be, but prefers to be treated with gentle strokes, and discovered in all her glory.

What we see is the Glans; often referred to as the bud or flower.

The clitoris is filled with erectile tissue, but that erectile tissue isn’t equally distributed throughout the entire clitoral structure. The glans has the least amount of erectile tissue, and the rest of the clit has more. That means that when someone with a clit becomes aroused, the clitoris engorges with blood. That engorgement means the clit darkens, increases in size, and becomes more sensitive to stimulation. That is where you want to go.

Explore with different positions, while we are in winter is a fab time to explore. 




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