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Small, travel friendly vibe recs


I recently purchased the Demi Wand from Bellesa. After one full use and charging fully, the device won’t hold a charge. It’ll stay on for about 30 seconds and then power down. Super disappointed! Once the device broke, I hopped on Reddit to learn that many many people have had similar experiences. And the more I look, the more I see that this is a common phenomenon amongst these devices, which is a huge bummer since they aren’t the cheapest!!

I am looking for a smaller, relatively discrete, TSA friendly, travel fiendly vibrator. This is my first experience with a toy, so I don’t require anything too fancy. I’m mainly interested in external stimulation, but not opposed to internal. My biggest requirement is that it HOLDS A CHARGE!

I have my eyes on the Maude vibe. Any thoughts on that?

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