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Sexual Fluidity? Or Is It Just A Phase

sexual fluidty


sexual fluidty

Sexual Fluidity has been looked at and the myths surrounding it.



Are pretty near ineffable, particularly when it comes to sex and romance, right?

Men, on the other hand are born with their erections pointing infallibly in the direction of whatever or whoever they find desirable.

Women gradually come to understand what gets them going as they gain romantic and sexual experience.

This is so strange and different from the way men work that there’s a term for it—fluidity—that marks it as distinct from the uncomplicated on/off switch that is male sexuality.

After all, no man has ever found himself surprised by an attraction to someone who wasn’t generally his type, has he? Certainly not—we all know men are bold line drawings and women are fuzzy, pastel-shaded blobs of changeability and uncertainty. And that is blady OK!

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For instance, one might be gay, or bisexual, asexual or pansexual. Persons who are sexually fluid don’t commit to a particular sexual orientation or identity. They ascribe to any labels associated with their sexuality. Fluid, that’s exactly as you say it. 

Society norms put far too much pressure on sexual orientation and what it needs to be called. Its time to breakdown the barriers and just go with the fluid flow!

Sexual fluidity simply means you have no particular sexual orientation, and that could change at any given time.

Human sexuality is more complex that we give credit for. Perhaps we entered a stage of being “attracted” to the same sex, or wanting to “explore”.  These types of preferences can fluctuate; that is being sexually fluid. 

And rightfully so. This is the adult version of the Birds and the Bees without the awkwardness and heterosexual norms. Giving a space to discover what sexual fluidity means and how to navigate through your personal sexuality. Sexuality is an incredibly personal journey. 

In order to have effective and informative content on the subject, it is important to note the differences between sex and gender. 

When we refer to sex we are referring to, “the different biological and phycological characteristics between male and female; such as reproductive organs, chromosomes, hormones”   These are facts that do not define your sexuality.

Whereas’ GENDER REFERS TO, “the socially constructed characteristics between men and women.” It is an important distinction because when we are talking about sexual orientation, we are  mostly, but not exclusively discussing; gender.

So what does it look like in practice? Well, it could resemble many different scenarios. You may enjoy just kissing and cuddling with one gender and then only having sex with someone of the opposite sex. Maybe it means enjoying specific types of sex with one gender over the other. 

Some people are more likely than others to acknowledge their sexual fluidity 

Research suggests that sexual fluidity is more common among women, but in reality any gender can experience fluidity. Some “experts” have mentioned that it may be as prevalent in men, however its not talked about as much due to the “stigmas” attached around “traditional masculinity”.

 “Society gives women a lot more permission to even consider the idea of being attracted to a woman,” says Dr. Lisa Diamond. “For men, we have this very categorical thing, like a man is either gay or straight.”

Flip The Narrative on Sexual Fluidity

The notion that sexuality can change has long been used to oppress sexual minorities. Conversion therapy uses physical and emotional abuse to urge non-heterosexual people to become heterosexual. It hinges on the idea that it’s possible to force someone to change their sexuality.

Embrace the Changes

Exploring your sexuality can be a never-ending journey, but it is YOUR journey. 

Embracing your sexual fluidity means leaning into curiosity, whether that’s a new gender or an activity that’s sparked your interest. Create your own experience. Get to decide what parts of your sexuality you want to explore. You get to define and redefine what sexuality means to you. And you can change and change and change. 



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