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Lube from fleshlight dripped down to anus. Now I’m…


I’ve been using masturbator sleeves, got some lube down there, tried a finger and loved it. Orgasm was so much more intense. Looking through other posts and a lot are people who have done other anal activities before trying something new. That’s not me.

I’m looking for something as an absolutely beginner, no experience, still very tight and sensitive, still unsure of what feels good. Don’t want to use my fingers for both hygiene reasons and the fear of sharp fingernails. Not sure if it’ll be something to use with masturbator sleeves or on its own.

Some common suggestions I’m considering:

Anal Plugs:

* Doc Johnson Mood 3 set. Might be easy to use with or without fleshlight. Open to other suggestions. Squishier silicone seems fun.
* Njoy plugs are stainless steel but get really high ratings. I don’t know how brave I need to be to skip silicone for metal.

Vibrating Toys:

* Aneros Helix Syn Trident. I’m not sure how ambitious this is for a beginner. However, I see people using it on pornhub reviews and they seem to go absolutely insane with pleasure. It doesn’t seem too bad once it’s in, but then again, what do I know.
* Njoy Pure Wand. Common suggestion but looks way too girthy even compared to the Aneros, plus it’s metal. Also looks like it’d be tough to use with a fleshlight. It looks fun on theory though.
* Also: Any simple vibrator for outer anal play. Seems fun to play around the rim.

Other toys:

* Anal Beads. If I’m just playing around looking for what feels good, maybe balls of different size with a thin center might be fun?

My instinct: Starting with a bare beginner butt plug set seems like the safest option. I still don’t wanna miss out on vibrating sensations though. I can get the Doc J set but I might want something to just stimulate the outer anus, maybe peak it in a little bit. (Maybe similar size beginner silicone vibrating plugs?) I’m waiting for my Aika Meiki to come in, so I have time to look.

General question: Do I need clean myself with a small enema/douche before self play? Does it depend on the toy I use? I’m pretty good about eating a fiber rich diet.

Also, if you know any friendly shops in the Philadelphia area that have this stuff, let me know.

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