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My favourite grinder yet, and one that really brings the tentacle fantasy to life

Uncover Creations Tentacle Grinder IV

My favourite grinder yet, and one that really brings the tentacle fantasy to life

If there’s one sex toy that has been at the top of my mind recently, despite reviewing it well over a year ago, it’s the Uncover Creations Tentacle Grinder II. A real stand-out of 2023, it came in at Number 3 in my Top 10 and kick-started a passion for tentacle-themed grinders that has shaped my content going into this year. My recent reviews of Odyssey Toys’ versions, the Coffin Grinder and Kraken Grinder, were constantly compared to it, and whilst the former didn’t quite live up to its tantalising shape, the latter’s use of a penetrable tentacle won me over. Well, it seems that in the year since I last reviewed for them, Uncover Creations have been busy. They have released not one, but two, follow ups to the Tentacle Grinder II, aptly named the III and IV, and lo and behold, the brand new IV also happens to offer a penetrable tentacle. Needless to say, I had to get it.

Product Description

Whilst the other three toys in Uncover Creations’ Tentacle Grinder collection solely feature tentacles, albeit presented in a variety of ways, the Tentacle Grinder IV shakes things up a bit by introducing an immersive environment. Picture this: you’re on a submarine, when all of a sudden the metal of the ship begins to creak and the lights flicker! Suddenly, you hear something smash through the two portholes next to you, and as your eyes adjust to the darkness, you see two huge tentacles reaching towards you…!!! Now, the level of detailing and storytelling here is simple compared to the Odyssey Toys Coffin Grinder and Kraken Grinder, but, for what is ultimately a sex toy, it is still absolutely enough and perfectly gets its point across. Turning the toy’s base into the wall of a metal ship is a genius idea, and the rivets and portholes all contribute to making this an unmistakable setting. This is also reinforced on my copy via the colouring, as Uncover Creations have opted to provide me with their Surprise Me Premium option, which allows them to get creative with two or three colours. They chose a beautiful candy pink for the tentacle and a shimmery metallic grey for the base, which surprisingly go together perfectly and completely bring the design to life. So much so, that I actually vastly prefer it to their more expensive UC Trademark option, which is the colours you see the toy in on their website. And whilst the colour blocking on my version isn’t perfect, with some areas of the tentacle being grey and vice versa, this is hardly noticeable.

Uncover Creations Tentacle Grinder IV penetrable shaftUncover Creations Tentacle Grinder IV penetrable shaftRather than a straight shaft, the Uncover Creations Tentacle Grinder IV’s penetrable tentacle has a wavy design.

As for the twin tentacles themselves, Uncover Creations have left one pointing straight upwards, making it similar in appearance to their range of tentacle dildos, whilst the other is curled around it, providing its sucker underside for our grinding pleasure. I’ve been loving the recent rise of the penetrable grinder, so I was very excited when I saw this present on the Tentacle Grinder IV, and I’m also glad there is still plenty of external texture to enjoy here too. Plus, I should point out that this is clearly a different kind of creature than all of my other tentacle grinders, because they all feature a row of ribbing in the centre that is outlined by suckers. But the Tentacle Grinder IV has none of this ribbing, and instead simply has two rows of extra large suckers. I love this change, and it is just another thing that separates this toy from the rest of Uncover Creations’ Tentacle Grinder range so far. Super squishy and soft body-safe silicone is then used, with a specified density of Shore 0040, whilst in the four corners of the base you’ll find holes for the product’s included straps, which Uncover Creations’ have kindly provided in light pink to match the toy. As for the rest of the product’s optional add-ons, a bullet hole has been provided, which has been positioned so that it sits within the non-penetrable tentacle, although unlike last time this did not include a compatible vibrator. Finally, this time the Silky Smooth Upgrade, in which Durian tree nuts are used to create a super silky finish to the toy, has not been added. Honestly, this was a relief, as whilst I adore the feel of my Tentacle Grinder II, after a year of having it I can conclude that the smell just isn’t worth it.


Uncover Creations Tentacle Grinder IV and free miniUncover Creations Tentacle Grinder IV and free mini

The Uncover Creations Tentacle Grinder IV with its included mini, which is their Magic Pendant Grinder.

My order with Uncover Creations for the Tentacle Grinder IV was placed on the 8th of February, although due to some internal delays my items were not shipped till the 29th. They finally arrived on the 5th of March, and to be honest, whilst this was a bit of a wait, less than a month for three custom-made items coming from the UK to Australia seemed pretty damn good to me. And yes, three, because Uncover Creations didn’t just include the Tentacle Grinder IV in this order, but the Tentacle Grinder I and III too (with the OG Tentacle Grinder coming in its brand new dual-density, something I didn’t even know was a thing for grinders!), meaning I now own the entire Uncover Creations Tentacle Grinder collection, at least until they release another one! In regards to the package, it was then semi-discreet, once again listing the contents as “silicone toy”, however at least the condition was far better, arriving in a sturdy cardboard box. Inside this I found the three toys all individually wrapped with their straps, and each one also came with a little mini version of one of the brand’s grinders.

The Bullet

Uncover Creations Tentacle Grinder IV bullet hole add-onUncover Creations Tentacle Grinder IV bullet hole add-on

The bullet hole on the underside of the Uncover Creations Tentacle Grinder IV. None of the issues I had on the Tentacle Grinder II, with the silicone being too thin in this area, is present on this toy.

In my review of the Uncover Creations Tentacle Grinder II, I talked about the need for the UK brand to offer a bullet-hole option for their toys without being forced to, as I so kindly put it, “pay for [a vibrator] that is likely worse than what many customers already own”. Well, I’m glad to see they took my advice, as you can now select the two add-ons separately. Yet even though I did not receive a bullet vibrator with this product, I did want to take a moment to mention it anyway, and perhaps offer a slight apology for how harshly I judged the included bullet in my Tentacle Grinder II review. Whilst everything I said still stands, reviewing the Odyssey Toys Coffin Grinder with their included Rocks Off RO-80mm bullet made Uncover Creations’ bullet look hella good in comparison. This is because it’s remote-controllable, something I found myself wishing the Coffin Grinder offered during testing. It then led to me researching a good alternative to recommend, and I quickly realised that not only have I never reviewed another traditionally-shaped bullet that was remote-controllable, but that I didn’t know of any either. All this to say that Uncover Creations offering one with their grinders is actually pretty impressive, thus making up for many of the issues I had. Additionally, I also noticed that you now have a choice between two different bullets at their website when choosing add-ons. There is the Basic Bullet, which is what I am referring to here, and the Premium Bullet, which is the Nu Sensuelle Point, a toy I reviewed way back in 2017 and one that is actually among my favourite clitoral vibrators of all time, although unlike the Basic Bullet it is not remote-controlled. Needless to say, both are solid options.

The Straps

The included straps were also a point of contention in my previous Uncover Creations review. Since then I’ve had plenty more experience with this kind of thing, and whilst I still haven’t mastered the art of attaching a plastic buckle, I’ve gotten used to it. However, it didn’t take me long to realise that something was off with the straps included with the Uncover Creations Tentacle Grinder IV. The two are very different lengths, with one coming in at 98cm / 3.2ft and the other at 85cm / 2.8ft. Plus, neither of these are the length Uncover Creations state the straps will be, as on their website they are advertised as 70cm / 2.5ft in length. I then decided to measure the straps I received with their Tentacle Grinder I, II and III, and found that these too range in length between 80cm / 2.6ft to 99cm / 3.2ft! Additionally, the straps are clearly different thicknesses depending on the colour, with the black being the thickest, followed by the red, and then the pink and blue both being quite thin and soft (the only colour I don’t have to test is their purple straps). This too makes an impact during use, as the thicker the strap, the more pressure it can withstand.

Uncover Creations Tentacle Grinder IV strapsUncover Creations Tentacle Grinder IV straps

What all this meant is that when I went to use the Tentacle Grinder IV’s pink straps on my Liberator Jaz, one of them didn’t fit. At first I thought it must be smaller than the Tentacle Grinder II’s straps, and became very confused when I found it was actually larger. It was only when I noticed the difference in thickness, that things started to become clear. This also made me realise that if these toys had arrived with 70cm / 2.5ft straps, they definitely wouldn’t fit the Jaz! After all, I struggled to use Odyssey Toys’ 80cm / 2.6ft straps with it. So, in a way, I am glad they are larger than advertised, but the inconsistency here is certainly troubling. As is the fact that they’re also asking customers to pay more for the seemingly inferior coloured straps, without mentioning the difference in thickness. Overall, I think Uncover Creations urgently need to standardise their strap sizes and match it to what it says on their website, although I do hope they decide to go for a length around 95cm / 3.1ft, since 70cm / 2.5ft is just too short in my opinion.

My Experience

Stealing the larger straps from my Odyssey Toys grinders, my favourite way to use the IV is unsurprisingly with my Liberator Jaz. I then find it resembles the Odyssey Toys Kraken Grinder most out of all of my other grinders, as both toys have that upwards shaft that is ideal for penetration. It also means that unlike the Tentacle Grinder II, I cannot quickly switch between penetration and external play, as I have to physically stop, raise and then lower myself to get onto the tentacle. Doing so is well worth the effort however, and I much prefer the tapered shape of this to the more bulbous shaft of the Kraken Grinder, since with that toy it is not merely a tentacle tip that is provided for insertion, but a tentacle wrapped around the mast of a shipwreck. And whilst I love the visual story of that toy, pleasure-wise this works far better, as the sensations it elicits really amps up the tentacle fantasy that I felt was missing. Plus, if I assume the proposal position (one knee down, one knee up), I can still enjoy a slow teasing insertion, I just can’t do any grinding at the same time. On that note, using the textured area against my clitoris is also fantastic, and I really cannot praise the alternative texture design enough. I’ve gotten so used to the ribbing on tentacles, and whilst I obviously enjoy this, there’s definitely been room for improvement. Well, the Uncover Creations Tentacle Grinder IV and its extra large suckers heard the call, offering an entirely new sensation that is far more tentacle-forward, allowing this toy to really bring the full fantasy. The suckers are big enough that they can almost be felt individually, even going so far as to create a teeny tiny suction feeling, and as fluids and lube begin to run down the toy during use, they start to get slippery, deepening the immersion. The perfect density of the Tentacle Grinder IV can also not be understated in allowing this all to work so well, and I don’t find myself missing the Silky Smooth Upgrade either. Finally, the location for the bullet hole on this toy really couldn’t be better. Because it is right at the front, so that a clitoral vibrator may be inserted and angled upwards to fill the horizontal tentacle, I am able to use my Doxy Bullet (which is a little on the large side), so that the bottom of it sticks out. This avoids the need for a remote-controllable bullet altogether, as I can easily access the toy’s button, whilst filling the area directly under my clitoris with super powerful vibrations. What a dream!

As with my other grinders, I also tried the Uncover Creations Tentacle Grinder IV out on my back. Since this was my favourite way to use the Odyssey Toys Kraken Grinder, I thought something similar might be awakened with this toy. However, whilst I do enjoy it, it doesn’t really compare to my experience using it when attached to the Liberator Jaz. The biggest benefit is generally convenience, as not only is it significantly less effort (both in regards to the physical exertion required and the initial set up), but it is also quieter, since whatever bullet you’re using isn’t being amplified by the firm pillow.

Uncover Creations Tentacle Grinder IV with Doxy BulletUncover Creations Tentacle Grinder IV with Doxy Bullet

The Uncover Creations Tentacle Grinder IV with the Doxy Bullet inserted into its bullet hole. Above this on one of the suckers you can also see the toy’s only visual imperfection, which is a small black dot on the silicone.

Cleaning & Care

Cleaning these heavily textured grinders is always a bit of a downside, although I will say that compared to a product like the Odyssey Toys Kraken Grinder, there is a lot less detailing on the Uncover Creations Tentacle Grinder IV for bacteria to hide within. To start, I’d recommend soaking it in some warm soapy water, and then going over it with a spare toothbrush. You can then rinse the toy and leave to air dry, before returning it to the zip lock bag it came in. Additionally, if you’re using the toy frequently, or you’re switching between partners or orifices, you may want to consider sterilising it too. And don’t forget that you’ll want to avoid using silicone-based lubricants with this product, as they may damage the material it is made out of. As for the straps and buckles, I usually just spray these with a toy cleaner and then give them a wipe down.

Final Thoughts

Uncover Creations have done it again! After reviewing so many tentacle grinders lately, I went into my testing of the Tentacle Grinder IV ready for a familiar feeling. But small subtle changes that I didn’t even notice at first all combined to create an experience that is truly out-of-this-world. The tapered penetrable tentacle, the switch between ribbing to large suckers, the perfect density, the bullet hole placement… they all help to set this grinder apart from the rest, and never before have I felt so immersed in the tentacle fantasy that I desire from these kinds of products. Even without this though, the entire experience was hugely pleasurable, and once again I cannot recommend the Liberator Jaz more as a companion for all of your grinding needs. Really the only downside to this toy was the straps, and I dearly hope this is something the UK brand can figure out soon. Plus, whilst the Tentacle Grinder II’s “Basic Bullet” did work well here, its remote-controllable nature wasn’t really necessary, with the IV fitting my Doxy Bullet perfectly, adding rumbly vibrations to the grinder whilst also having enough length left to stick its single button out the front. All in all, I’ve got to admit that this has to be my new favourite grinder, penetrable or otherwise, and a must-have for any other tentacle enthusiasts out there.

If there’s one sex toy that has been at the top of my mind recently, despite reviewing it well over a year ago, it’s the Uncover Creations Tentacle Grinder II. A real stand-out of 2023, it came in at Number 3 in my Top 10 and kick-started a passion for tentacle-themed grinders that has shaped my content going into this year. My recent reviews of Odyssey Toys’ versions, the Coffin Grinder and Kraken Grinder, were constantly compared to it, and whilst the former didn’t quite live up to its tantalising shape, the latter’s use of a penetrable tentacle won me…

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