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I get it that it’s maybe embarrassing to talk with someone like me about the most intimate aspects of your relationship. Unfortunately, couples’ counselors seldom discuss specific sexual concerns during their sessions. A sex specialist like me is uniquely qualified to help couples feel way less awkward than they might imagine they’d feel.

So, what happens?

I can only tell you what might happen in my personal practice.

In my world, you’d start with an assessment experience (4 easy private conversations – clothes on – nothing weird) either in my office or on Zoom.

I call that The Quickie. Other therapists/coaches might call it something else. In my case, we’d spend the sessions figuring out what’s going on between you. I’d help you create a Pleasure Plan – a simple plan for you to DIY or with your couples’ counselor.

If you want/need more support and/or accountability, we’d work together for a few more months to help you implement the plan. It would include things like guided meditations, reading short books, doing simple exercises and pleasure work to try to bridge that gap between what people say/think about us from the outside and really experiencing our bodies as a beautiful pleasure vessel. Exhaling all the things that have been in the way of feeling loved and understood for a long time – even forever.

Sex therapy is a series of guided and compassionate conversations with information and support, easy to access homework – all done in a consent based, trauma informed way.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have a personal cheerleader for your love life, I’ve got open slots on my calendar just for YOU! Book your free call here and we’ll dive into your sexual journey, together – no strings attached.

In my experience, it’s surprisingly easy to solve some of the sexual problems that individuals and couples have. You’ll be amazed at how something so small can make such a big difference.

Big hugs,


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