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It’s been a great month for the Guyn group. One of the kids (aka the adults I still think of as my babies) did a really amazing showcase. The youngest just finished his sophomore year. Another took a major test and rocked it. My grandbaby and his mom were in town for a couple of weeks and they’re both hilariously adorable. And I’m feeling proud and sentimental that one kid’s in Ventura doing a residency at the same place Jim worked when we met. We’re really grateful for our family’s wellness, which feels amazing.

A few weeks ago, one of the kids had a graduation, a wedding, and a cross-country move all back to back. We stayed in the most peculiar Airbnb with hilarious, very close-up cows. We made tons of memories with family and good friends from near and far at the rehearsal dinner and the wedding at a winery. Between the family and the cows, there were all sorts of laughs.

Plus, I shared the sweetest wedding waltz with my son to a song from Anastasia, remembering how he used to sing that song to his grandmother, my mom.

Talk about full circle moments! 

This week in Bend, I’m excited to facilitate a private presentation on understanding your sexual triggers and your window of tolerance. Instead of just powering through obligatory sex, I’ll recommend some things you can say and do differently to connect with your partner in a way that honors and celebrates your sexual essence. This is not just important for intimacy – it can also give you an increased sense of power in your life and everything you do!

This session isn’t open to the public, but if you’d like to know what it might look like for me to facilitate a similar session for your group, or if you’d like to join a future event, reply to this email.

​That’s it for now. Take care of your beautiful sweet self.


PS: Is it time to take a step towards REAL intimacy? Claim your free spot on my calendar to talk about it. Here’s the link.

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