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So I ordered a Squarepeg egg plug 4 days ago through the site since it was the one that popped up the most when people recommended or linked external sites here for the plug that i watned, and because Squarepeg doesnt ship to my country so I needed to find a vendor that did. The shipping caught me way off guard by how fast it was, considering the expected arrival day was the 25th, so it came a whole WEEK earlier. Main issue is, as the title suggests, instead of getting the plug i bought, i got a Squarepeg G Squeeze of the same size and color I ordered the plug in. I even have the receipt of the order and it was in fact not my end that made a mistake in ordering. I know they have a no return policy since they sell sex toys and I am currently waiting for customer support to reply, but searching on other posts Im getting mixed opinions on what to expect. Has anyone had any similar experiences and if it comes down to just buying from elsewhere, is there any site recommendation that ships to Greece?

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