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NYC Gen Z singles reveal their biggest dating red flags

NYC Gen Z singles reveal their biggest dating red flags

New York’s dating scene is one giant red flag.

The art of scouting for a significant other in the Big Apple is known to be feral and “cutthroat” — and particularly punishing toward those seeking something real and lasting.

A WalletHub survey ranked the city that never sleeps rather low on the list of places where romance thrives — a sad 144 out of 182, to be precise.

Gotham’s less-than-glowing love review checks out, companionship connoisseurs say.

“There’s a lot of emotionally unavailable people and I don’t know why,” Catalina, a single New Yorker told The Post. “Relationships are great.”

A swarm of Gen Z singletons sounded off to their favorite tabloid about the trials, travails and toxic traits to avoid while hunting for happily ever after in NYC.

Rachel Love, New York

Rachel Love considers a partner without goals a red flag. Tamara Beckwith

Love has no patience for a partner who lacks ambition and isn’t goal-oriented; she views a lack of direction as a waving red flag.

“Someone who has no prospects or goals at all for their life,” Love told The Post.

Brett Rejwan, Manhattan

Brett Rejwan considers someone with negative energy as a red flag. Tamara Beckwith

Rejwan is seeking a partner with only good vibes. He claims negative people can bring down his high-spirited energy.

“That kind of bums me out,” he said. “I like, like, a good vibe.”

The Manhattan bachelor, spotted shirtless in Washington Square Park, wouldn’t mind dating a lady who enjoys soaking up the sun — and radiates positivity.

Brooke, Connecticut

Brooke avoids men affiliated with fraternities. Tamara Beckwith

This nuptial-minded Nutmegger isn’t about that Greek Life.

In fact, she has no interest in men associated with fraternities, claiming it’s an absolute no.

“I’m avoiding any frat man,” she shared with The Post.

She revealed her biggest ick is “narcissistic men that just don’t take the time” to ask questions about her during a conversation.

“I will be asking a man about his life and what he enjoys doing — and he won’t ask any questions back,” Brooke scoffed.

Lahlee Lee, England

Lahlee Lee is no fan of momma’s boys or guys who are too friendly. Tamara Beckwith

Lee, a Gen Zer from across the pond, chimed in with a list of red flags, compiled from experience in her own tragic dating world.

“Avoid a guy that’s too nice to too many girls and doesn’t know boundaries,” Lee confessed to The Post, adding that she is wary about someone who “is too much of a mama’s boy.”

She also finds it unattractive when a guy doesn’t respond to a message in a reasonable time — or only wants to hang out at a specific time.

Cameron Gottlieb, Long Island

Tamara Beckwith

Gottlieb desires a woman who respects his need for “bro time,” when he can hang out with his friends without his partner getting upset.

The New Yorker revealed that a former love had a problem with him wanting to have a social life apart from her, so he had to call it quits.

“That’s a big issue,” he said, before confessing: “Ex-girlfriend, if you’re watching this, I’m sorry.”

Annya, Manhattan

Annya is turned off by people who are rude to service workers. Tamara Beckwith

This Manhattan single isn’t a fan of people who are rude to service workers, claiming that’s the “biggest red flag anyone can have,” she told The Post.

Other singles interviewed agreed with Annya’s sentiment, finding it unattractive if their date is disrespectful to a waitress or server.

El DeBratto, Manhattan

El DeBratto prefers a partner who doesn’t take life too seriously; if they do, it’s a deal breaker. Tamara Beckwith

As much as Manhattan makeup artist El DeBratto loves red, she can easily spot red flags in individuals she dates.

“People who seem like they take themselves a little too seriously,” DeBratto said. “I feel like there’s a balance. You gotta dance through life, you gotta have fun and go with the flow.”

Jordie B., Jersey City

Jordie B. said bad communication skills are a major red flag. Tamara Beckwith

Jordie B., a New Jersey fitness trainer, admits he’s “big on communication,” so if the wires start to go silent, he considers that a red flag.

“I’m not going to be like, ‘You gotta text me every hour,’ but at least let me know what’s going on throughout the course of the day, and if you don’t, I know you don’t really care,” he told The Post.

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