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Questions regarding Magic wands for men


I’m wondering if I should invest in a magic wang as a man. The main use for me would be anal stimulation (not inserting the head of the wand, rather stimulating the outer anus, sort of an attempt at rimming). I’m curious if a magic wand would be pleasurable around my outer anus (or on any other areas not mentioned) as I enjoy a sort of outer-anus finger massage. I’m not opposed to inserting the wand as I’m no beginner to butt plugs and the like. I’ve also heard many, many good things about a B-vibe rimmer, which I plan to eventually buy.

Should I look into getting a magic wand for outer-anus stimulation? Thank you for your help!

EDIT: I have no clue what attachments are on offer for the Magic Wand, should I look into any of these attachments?

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