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Need some advice, I recently bought myself my first toy…a…


I recently got this metal butt plug \[Size : L, I was just too excited to get one….can’t return it, but willing to practice\] and by god its definitely bigger than it looks. I have fingered my a-hole before and I am able to get like a couple of fingers in with lube….but I tried inserting this plug in today. And I was barely able to get its tip in. I have never had something as big before, so I know, its going to take time. But I definitely want to put the time in to be able to experience the pleasure.

My asshole is a tiny bit inflamed atm, I am guessing its due to all the stretching it went through while I was trying to get that thing in.

Any tips on how to get it in deeper? how to practice getting it in properly? what kinda positions would help to get it in ? I tried lying on my stomach and inserting it from behind and also in a missionary-esque position with my legs up in the air.

Like how do I get my hole to open up properly? given that its not been stretched as much before. Also how long should I practice for? I know that I should listen to my body like I am feeling a bit inflamed atm, so I have stopped. But for a beginner, what would be the reccomended max time, one should start wearing it for (once you get it in)

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