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Lovense Lush 3 – Girly Juice

Lovense Lush 3 – Girly Juice

Recently, sex toy company Lovense reached out to me and asked if I’d like to try their best-selling product, the Lush 3 vibrator, and write about it. I told them I already owned a Lush 3, so there was no need to send me another one, but that I’d happily review it – because it’s just an all-around solid toy, one that I’m glad to have in my collection. Let’s talk about it.


What is the Lovense Lush 3?

If the Lush looks familiar to you, it’s likely because you’ve seen it in porn clips or cam shows. It’s a favorite of many adult performers (and their fans) because of its interactivity features – like most other Lovense toys, you can connect it via Bluetooth to the Lovense app, and either control it yourself or invite someone else to control it.

I’m a frequent user of Lovense toys, because I’ve been in a long-distance relationship for over 6 years and we often use these toys during phone sex, to feel closer to one another when we’re apart. Some of my faves from the company’s lineup are the Exomoon (lipstick-shaped clitoral vibrator), Edge 2 (prostate/perineum massager), Max 2 (vibrating/squeezing stroker), and Gush (penis head/shaft vibrator).

The Lush 3 is meant to be inserted and “worn” vaginally, so that the vibrations stimulate your G-spot. It looks similar to a We-Vibe, but it’s not meant to be worn during penetrative sex like a We-Vibe is; it works better as a standalone vibe, although you can also pair it with a clitoral vibrator if you want, and I often do.



Things I like about this toy

  • The shape of the Lush is really well-suited for passive G-spot stimulation. It has a gently curved bump that protrudes to hit the right spot. The design also offers some leeway, to account for some people’s G-spots being deeper or shallower than others’; the body of the toy is wide enough, and its neck is bendy enough, that you can probably position it on your G-spot no matter where it’s located on your vaginal wall.
  • The vibrations get decently powerful at the high end – not as strong as a typical wand vibe or anything, but stronger than I’d generally expect for a vibe of this size. The Lush is buzzier than some other Lovense toys I’ve tried (meaning that the vibrations are higher-pitched and feel more surface-level), but I’ve often found that my G-spot actually likes a little buzziness. The Lush’s vibrations always feel comfortable to me, and don’t make my G-spot feel overwhelmed, uncomfortable or “itchy” like some super-buzzy G-spot vibes can.
  • It’s quite comfortable shape-wise, too, even when I wear it for a few hours at a time. The neck is slim enough that it doesn’t start to bother my vaginal opening after a while, as some other vaginally-wearable toys like the Hole Punch Fluke sometimes do. I also find that it stays inside me very well – I even wore it on an hour-long walk once and I never worried about it falling out. (I’d recommend skipping lube, or just using less, if you’ll be standing up/walking around a lot with the Lush inside you.)
  • Lovense’s Bluetooth capabilities are still some of the best in the biz. The connectivity isn’t flawless, but it is markedly better than that of Bluetooth toys I’ve tried from other brands. The Lovense app is much better designed than a lot of its competitors (according to my spouse, who develops iPhone software for a living). It has some features I never/rarely use, like a built-in video call functionality and the ability to sync vibrations to music, but it also doesn’t feel overstuffed with superfluous gimmicks like a lot of sex toy apps do.
  • It’s kinda quiet, once it’s inserted. Like, I wouldn’t wear this vibe in any situation where it would actually be disastrous if someone found out I was wearing it, because it is audible, especially on higher speeds – but if you’re in a relatively noisy public environment, or even one of a moderate volume like a restaurant/bar, you should be fine.
  • It’s fully waterproof, which makes cleanup much easier and also means I don’t have to worry about ruining my toy with vag juice.
  • It has a long battery life: you’ll get up to 5 hours of use from each charge. I’ve gone weeks or months without using mine and had it still be charged enough to use afterward.

Lovense Lush 3 – Girly Juice IMG 8040 Large

Things I don’t like about this toy

  • My main problem with this vibrator is that it provides almost zero clitoral stimulation. The vibrations emanate from the toy’s larger (G-spot) arm, and conduct only weakly into the external arm, which barely even makes contact with my clit anyway. So, for me and for most other people with my anatomy, this toy wouldn’t be stimulating enough to cause an orgasm (despite Lovense’s frequent promises of “intense orgasms”) – although it still feels great, if you like G-spot vibration. If I want to come with this toy, I have to use another vibe on my clit at the same time, which entails scooting the Lush’s tail out of the way to make room. (For a Lovense toy that’s similar to the Lush but offers a lot more clit stim, check out the We-Vibe-esque Dolce.)
  • I wish the vibrations were rumblier (as many of Lovense’s other vibrators are) and stronger, mainly because then I could use the Lush as a clitoral vibrator when I felt like it, which would make it more versatile. As is, I only ever pull it out when I specifically want to be teased via G-spot vibration from a distance – a fun way to use it, certainly, but not a frequent craving that comes up for me.
  • It’s a small thing, but I wish the toy’s button was located on the side that faces out, not the side that sits on my clit, as this would make it easier for me to surreptitiously hold down the button when I want to pair or re-pair the toy in public. I don’t want to always have to go to the bathroom to do this.


Final thoughts

Is the Lovense Lush 3 worth its asking price of $119? I’d say yes, if any of the following things are true for you:

  • You like G-spot vibration and don’t particularly care about clit stimulation
  • You like G-spot vibration and are willing to stimulate your clit some other way (fingers? a bullet vibe? oral sex from a partner?) while using the Lush if you want to get off
  • You like G-spot vibration and you want a vibrator you can use with a long-distance partner
  • You like G-spot vibration and you want a vibrator suitable for discreet public play
  • You don’t like G-spot vibration, but you want a partner to be able to consensually torture you with it, in a kinky way

It’s not a toy I reach for very often, because (as mentioned) it can’t bring me to orgasm on its own – but orgasm isn’t always the point of every sex/kink session, and it’s a highly effective toy when my partner wants to tease me, from near or far. I’ve tested a bunch of these wearable, Bluetooth-compatible toys over the years, and the Lush 3 is definitely the best G-spot-focused one I’ve tried. Lovense nailed the shape and nailed the connectivity, so I can definitely see why this is their best-selling toy, even if it’s not the one I’ll grab when I want to get off (that would be the Exomoon!). This little pink vibe is iconic in its own way, having starred in so many pornos and cam shows, and I’m glad to own one.


This post was sponsored, meaning I was paid to write a fair and honest review. As always, all words and opinions are my own.

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