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Dodgy repackaging or is this normal?


Seeking some expert advice, perhaps from sex-toy store employees who see a lot of different products, about whether I should return this butt plug I purchased online through a major Australian retailer.

I wanted to post an image but Reddit doesn’t seem to allow it, maybe because I am too new / low karma.

The product came in a stylish-box package, but inside the box the item was just stored in a crumpled-up baggy (snap-lock type). The toy was also sticking slightly to the inside of the bag. I am worried it was used and returned then re-sold.

The brand is Pipedream and the item is Fetish Fantasy Series Limited Edition Beginner’s Butt Plug.

I contacted pipedream’s own online store (could not find details for their head-office) and they gave me the impression that they wouldn’t know how pipedream products are typically packaged for Australian distribution. Worth noting that pipedream were open to helping me replace the item, even though they didn’t sell it to me.

I contacted the retailer. They were apologetic and offered standard retail remedies like “If you are not satisfied with the quality of our packaging, we will happily accept a return for exchange or refund”. What hits me is that both pipedream and the Australian retailer seem outright avoidant about whether or not this is standard packaging for the product or whether my suspicions about repackaging are correct. Surely, they could just grab a new one from the warehouse and open it?

Ultimately there is no point me returning the product if this is the normal packaging and I am just going to get the same again. But if this is not normal then I think the failure is more serious than just being a matter of refund-or-exchange.

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