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Looking for/trying to find specific clitoral air pulse…


Hi all, I’m on a look for a toy I had before that stopped working on me ages ago and have since tried the satisfyer and the womanizer and they were fine but just weren’t the same as this one I had before. I can’t remember the brand at all. I bought it in person about 5 years at an adult store that is no longer open. It was purple, NOT waterproof, charged via micro usb, and one of the big things about it is that the power adjuster was a type of scroll wheel which allowed you to really pin point rather than having presets. It was quite basic feature wise but it was powerful. Does anyone know of this specific one or something super similar? I’ve tried some online places (pinkcherry,Adam and Eve, lovehoney) at least the ones I’m only familiar with. TIA 💖

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