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Looking for next butt plug


Sorry for the ramble:
Got several plugs all silicone but one. Ive used the gape keeper and grip plugs from topped toys. What I’m after now though is something more solid(I.E. glass/metal) that can give that same stretch but also challenge. Something with a big drop off also so it’s another workout to remove yet still flared base for safety and possible long term play. I’m comfortable going up to 10.2 cm in diameter for silicon toys. I’m aiming for 9cm with the solid ones any ideas/recommendations?

Point is I suck at depth play, but enjoy width and the challenge its offered. So I want a solid toy (glass or metal) thats is at least 9CM wide and insertable part is shortish. one that “knots well” and stays in place is apprecitated. I’ve looked and the internet is a big place couldnt find anything of the size or quality…

TL:DR; I’d like you internet people find me my next butt plug of 9cm Width, short insterbale length, made of glass or metal. (optional is easy to insert but harder to remove, still). Thank you. :\]

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