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If you’re struggling with dating right now, don’t worry — I

If you're struggling with dating right now, don't worry — I

Are you struggling with dating right now? The good news is that it isn’t your fault, it is because all the men are on holiday.

Tessa Snow, 30, resides in Newcastle and has been single on/off for five years. At this point, she’s an expert, and she’s worked out why there’s always a winter slump in her dating life, and thankfully, she’s prepared to share it with others.

“If you’re struggling in dating right now, don’t worry, never fret, because the love of your life is probably just over in Europe right now, having the time of their life, and they don’t know you exist yet,” she explained.

Ms Snow posted the public service announcement on TikTok, which amassed over 40,000 views on the platform.

Tessa took to TikTok to talk about the dating slump happening in Australia. TikTok/TessaSnow

She added that she felt she’d picked a “terrible” time to start dating again because everyone knows Australian winters are when all the men take annual leave and head over to Europe.

Yes, it is the time of year when Aussie men exit to soak up some culture.

Are far too many of them just drinking with their friends in pubs in foreign countries where the main cultural difference is that the pub is playing soccer instead of rugby league? Yes, but that is beside the point, their exodus creates quite the man drought.

The single Aussie told that she’s watched the dating pool shrink because far too many men have fled the country.

“The dating pool is very small as lots of men are off gallivanting around Europe right now or are heading there over the next few weeks,” she said.

Even single men who haven’t left for their European holiday yet are problematic. What’s the point of falling for someone new if they’re packing their bags for a new adventure?

“So I may match and talk with someone, but they are heading to Europe. I’d rather them have the time of their life and revisit it when they are home. Or I am hesitant to continue to chat with them,” Ms Snow said.

Snow, 30, has been single on and off for five years, sharing her dating struggles in a video. Instagram/TessaSnow

Fellow single women online were quick to discuss the perils of dating through a period where far too many men are on a boys trip.

“I’m going to pray and hope this is true,” one wrote.

“Dating in Melbourne is so bad,” another shared.

Snow added that she felt she’d picked a “terrible” time to start dating again because everyone knows Australian winters are when all the men take annual leave and head over to Europe.


“Literally banging my head against a wall because of these Aussie boys,” one admitted.

“They come back $20k [about $13,348 USD] in debt from the holiday,” someone else warned.

At the best of times, dating isn’t easy for Ms Snow because she lives in Newcastle, where “everyone knows everyone”.

“Us single girls are waiting for someone new to move to town or for the long-term relationship they had in their twenties to end,” she explained.

The single Aussie said that, even when all the men aren’t in Europe, dating in Australia is always “challenging”.

“I think dating in Australia is always challenging, especially with the domestic violence rates in our country. This adds another element of caution. I don’t pursue anything with anyone unless I can check in with a mutual friend about their character and relationship history,” she said.

Plus, even if Ms Snow finds out the guy is decent, she’s found that Aussie dating culture doesn’t evoke romantic vibes.

“I also think there is a culture among some male groups that think really wanting a serious relationship is a cringe, but they want everything a serious relationship has, just minus the label and commitment. Aka they want a situationship. In case someone better comes along,” she said.

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