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How To Use A Vibrating Wand


For beginner users, it is recommended to choose an externally used vibrating wand or bullet vibrator with a more gentle design. Aesthetics matter! This way, seeing it will evoke desire. In terms of selection, beginners can opt for well-known brands, as they provide better quality assurance and eliminate concerns about electrical leakage. Additionally, they are easier to clean after sexual activities.

For advanced users, it is recommended to choose a beautifully curved AV vibrator. This allows for exploration of sensitive areas and different techniques to reach climax, enabling the feeling of being fully filled and satisfying personal desires. Take charge of your own orgasmic progress.


Instructions for Using a Vibrating Wand

1.First, connect the charger to charge the vibrating wand. The charging port is located at the end of the wand. Insert the charger plug into the charging port.

2.Start the charging process. The indicator light will flash white during charging and stop flashing once the charging is complete.

3.Apply lubrication to the wand, then grip it with your hand to start using it. It can be held by both men and women for personal use.

4.Adjust the vibration modes. It is recommended to start with gentle vibrations and gradually increase the intensity. Usually, the up and down arrows can change the vibration mode, the plus sign is for turning the wand on and increasing the vibration intensity, the minus sign is for decreasing the vibration intensity until turning it off, and the middle button is for the lock function.

5.After using the vibrating wand, clean and disinfect it. Wipe it dry and store it for future use.


Precautions for Using a Vibrating Wand

1.Do not share with multiple people, as it can easily spread bacteria.

2.Do not overuse the vibrating wand, as excessive use may lead to decreased sensitivity of the organs. If overused, it can potentially result in a lack of pleasure while make love for an extended period of time, which is not desirable.

3.When inserting a vibrating wand into the vagina or anus, it is recommended to use a condom and water-based lubricant. This not only ensures safety but also makes it easier to approach the body.

4.After use, it is important to promptly remove the power source or batteries, especially if they are disposable batteries. Prolonged storage of the batteries in the vibrating wand can potentially damage the device, and battery leakage can occur, which can be corrosive. If the battery fluid comes into contact with the skin, it may cause skin damage.


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