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Help me find the one! (male)


(I am a male). As the title states, I’m looking for that one electronic male masturbator/penis vibrator)that’ll actually make me orgasm. I have had nothing but trouble and crushed dreams on my journey. So I’m wondering if you all can help me find the right toy. This is JUST for electronic toys, I have no problem finishing with flashlights or tenga flip zero. I’ll list my stipulations, wants and needs, and toys I own already


must be at least semi hands free.

Under $350

Must be small enough to fit in a backpack(idk really I just don’t want a sex machine)


Hands free

Couple friendly

Can move very fast

Wireless/battery powered(I can deal without this but it’s nice)

Have already owned/do own

Kiroon Keon (1 organs)

Lovense Solace (1 orgasm)

The Handy (2 orgasms)

Arcwave Ion (0 irgasms)

HotOctopuss Jett (0 orgasms)

Other info:
On the smaller side

My favorite manual toy is the tenga flip

Have tried using with anal vibes

Don’t love fleshlights( I have some but eh)

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