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Flipping The Script: Monogamy – Violet Fawkes

Flipping The Script: Monogamy

When you are non-monogamous, sharing that information with monogamous people can be … interesting, to say the least. Some people are uncomfortable, others are curious, most love to tell you how they could never do it, and it’s not uncommon for them to stumble or put their foot in their mouth. Usually it’s well intended or at least not meant to be harmful, but some of it can get downright silly.

Imagine if the scripts were flipped and non-monogamous people expressed derision and judgement towards monogamists in the same way? Here’s what that might look like … doesn’t it sound silly?

** Before you light the torches and sharpen the pitchforks, please know that this is all in good fun **

If you are a monogamous person looking for more language around non-monogamy or to expand your understanding, be sure to follow me for more. Likewise, my Patreon is a great place for non-monogs and monogs, alike.

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