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Flaunt It In Autumn – Settle In For Some Heated Fun

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Autumn is the perfect time to flaunt yourself, and indulge in some sexy fun.

Sex is all about having fun, connecting and communicating with your partner, it is about trying new things in bed. And, with the cooler weather, this is the ideal time to let loose!

It’s easier when the sun is shining and clothes are a minimum, however, the cooler months are always welcome and getting in the mood for some fun is more fun.

So brew up a pot of tea, preferably peppermint, don some thigh high socks and get ready to embark on an exciting and sexy season.

Socks for a better orgasm? Well yes!

It is proven that when a women’s feet are warm, she reaches an orgasm easier.  Personally, thigh high socks are enough to get my endorphins rising. 

Drinking Peppermint tea before you go down on your partner will give them a tingling sensation that will drive them crazy. Swoosh the warm minty tea in your mouth and and give your partner the best oral sex. The warm and tingly sensation from the tea ;and the mint will drive them wild.

Oil Up


Warming oils feel soothing on the body and create a pleasurable sensation. Choose warm woody scents like cypress and orange, Be careful when using these oils, if they are not meant to use as a lube, invest in an edible oral glide that not only tastes decadent,  but will add to the heat of the moment. 

Massage candles are fabulous to use, and a very sexy act of intimate play. Using Massage Candles, is both erotic and sensual. The warm heat of the massage candle can be dripped directly onto the receiver, with the heady scents and aphrodisiac elements, will arouse the both of you. 

Using candles during sex play is also popular in BDSM circles and can be regarded as KINK Play.

Note that massage candles are not dangerous, however, where there is a flame, there is a fire. So do be mindful in your candle play.

Invest in An Adult Board Game or Two

Adult board games are totally underestimated. They not only give rise to some hot and sexy fun, they also give reason to honestly think about the answers you give or venture into a nether region you might not enter into.

The roll of the dice, the flick of a card and that is the way the game goes. It is a game of chance, not choice. And you may just be surprised at how much sexy fun there is to be had. 

Invest in a card game of sex positions and go through them all. Set a goal for how many you can get to in one evening. We love the Karma Sutra, but there are others that are not complex and make twisting your body so much fun. 

These games, give rise to opening levels of communication between you. You’ll find yourselves laughing at each other and that in itself is pushing up those sexy endorphins.

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Tantra Touch

Tantric sex is an ancient form of Hindusm and focuses on a deep and intimate connection. It is about the connection, breath and intimacy rather than reaching orgasm.

Tantric sex involves a variety of erotic actions, like slow embraces, gentle caresses, being present and focusing on the movement of energy between the bodies. Discover slow massage on each other, learn to “edge” and harness the sexual energy. And do your best to not have an orgasm.

Tantra is about redefining sex by making it more about intimacy and playful possibilities.

Fun in The Hot Tub

A hot tub is an excellent Winter romantic location. It’s easy to create a warm and sensual setting in the hot tub, enhanced with warm massage candles burning, or arousing scented massage oils. 

Water sex is the best, especially during the winter months, when you can get under the water and slip and slide against each other. 

Sex play in water makes you weightless, so you will be able to twist your bodies and get creative.

Using a silicone lube is ideal for water play, it will last longer and ensure that your ride is super smooth and exciting.

Most sex toys are waterproof, but double check before you set the scene with your vibrator or buzzing cock ring. Water damage can put a nasty stop to your underwater love.

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Winter Sex Facts

Testosterone goes up in cooler weather: 

A recent study stated that testosterone does increase up to about 31% in cooler weather.

Winter Sex Is Good For You

Getting intimate in the cooler months definitely steer the winter blues away, not to mention promoting feelings of well-being and bonding. And, it is also excellent to boost the immune system fighting off the winter colds and flu. 

Exposing Less of the Body is a bit of a winter turn on for men – During the summer months, women tend to wear less, exposing more of their flesh on a frequent level. Whereas winter months tend to make women dress up and become a bit more elusive. Nothing beats thigh high tights, a warm coat and boots. It’s an instant turn on when you see a women rugged up and cozy.

You really just want to peel away those layers, hit the hot, grab the massage oil and get hot and heady together.

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