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Clitoral oral simulation showdown: Reviewing the best…


Don’t you love the feeling of oral sex? Well, it’s time to simulate some tongue sex!

Are these all of the flutter tongue toys available? Definitely not. There are plenty of terrible tongue simulators that aren’t worthy of your time and money. But these toys are ( MOSTLY ) different!

And while it’s nearly impossible to actually simulate some good oral, I believe in the end we got pretty darn close.

# [Pillow Talk Lusty]( – Best budget & portable vibrating tongue sex toy

The Lusty is a gorgeous, discreet tongue vibrator disguised as a glamorous lipstick with an amazingly satisfying fluttering tip.

Powered by PowerBullet vibrations, this toy has luxuriously deep and rumbly vibrations.

It’s rechargeable and has a travel lock feature for when you’re on the go. Its small size fits into the smallest of purses and its disguise ensures that no one will be the wiser.

If you’re looking for glamorous, yet affordable, discreet fun for quick pleasure anywhere, this tongue sex toy will be your favorite addition to your purse or backpack!

# [Fun Factory Volita]( – A small affordable teasing toy

Overall, while not as mind-blowing as its big sister the VOLTA ( more on this one below ), the Volita is a darling little toy made for playful teasing fun. It’s a great way to test the waters and explore light vibrations with minimal investment and no fuss. It’s a great teaser, but not so much so that it’ll get you to the finish line.

So if you’re in for a fun, buzzy tickler with straightforward controls at an affordable price point, this is a great starting point.

# [Inya The Kiss]( – Cheap & ergonomic vibrating tongue sex toy for teasing

This cute teaser feels feminine and sexy but might be best used as a part of your experience rather than leading the whole thing ( unless you’re pretty sensitive ).

This vibrating tongue is really fun but only really works when you barely touch the skin. You can still press the tongue tip on your body to get a licking sensation, but the vibrations will totally stop.

The upside is that when you get the pressure just right, the fluttering is really satisfying and you can use the pressure to change the frequency of the tapping.

# [Lovense Hyphy]( – Powerful 2-in-1 vibrating dildo and oral simulator

This mid-range affordable & versatile flappy tongue toy absolutely DELIVERS on intense and precise stimulation, with a bonus grinder/dildo vibrator AND long-distance features to add to the mix!

If you want INTENSE stimulation on a VERY specific spot, this toy is the best I’ve seen.

It also comes with 3 different silicone heads to attach to the precise tip that helps to direct that concentrated energy in different ways.

My favorite is the long, tongue-like tip that flutters beautifully with a light touch and buzzes magically while pressing harder for more electric licks.

To the more sensitive folks out there: The lowest vibration settings are still quite intense, so be careful ( or check out the next toy )!

# [Zumio I]( – Good Hyphy alternative for sensitive bits

This is not my toy.

But if you like the idea of the Hyphy but want to take a step down in intensity, with design elements that prevent overstimulation, this toy might be perfect for you!

Just keep in mind that, unlike the Hyphy, it doesn’t come with all the extras like app control and an extra vibrator on the handle.

# [Inya Triple Delight]( – Realistic oral toy that sucks, licks, & has a vibrator for a handle

This toy is WILD! It has a flutter-tip tongue stimulator, an insertable vibrating handle ( that’s on the firmer side ), AND suction! There’s a power button and one button for each of the triple features (and yes you can have all three going at once if you want).

I have wanted a toy that uses suction around my whole vulva for so long and this Triple Delight toy certainly delivers suction! The suction was so intense that I actually got a little scared for a minute when I first tried it out!

I found that I could get a good groove of movement that actually mimicked oral sex pretty decently. You can even get a satisfying sound by breaking the seal every now and again for extra sloppy fun!

# [Fun Factory VOLTA]( – Most life-like & versatile vibrating tongue sex toy

The Volta provides the most realistic tongue sex toy experience on the market so far! And I wouldn’t expect less from good old German engineering!

If you want to feel both the light fluttering of a wildly fast tongue tip as well as the expansive and deep touch of a wide, flat tongue, this is your toy.

With the right technique and some lube, the soft, flexible end is shaped like a life-sized tongue and allows you to mimic the feel of a mouth lightly closing around your vulva and firmly licking everywhere. It is divine!

One reason that this toy is so incredible is its versatility.

The design works with all sorts of bodies and many sorts of parts and an intersex person even created a beautiful and thorough review complete with graphics of how one might use it with intersex genitalia. Check out the always-great [Queer Mushroom Forest]( for that review!

**This is a TL;DR version of** [**the original article**]( so head on over there for a more in-depth review with pictures, links, and all that good stuff!**

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