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Celebrate 9 years of Pleasure Air Technology with

Roylin and Ryan in 2015 at the International Lingerie Show with Womanizer Air Pleasure Technology

Roylin and Ryan in 2015 at the International Lingerie Show with Womanizer Air Pleasure Technology

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Because at Trystology, it’s not just a toy, it’s a relationship!

So many of you may be wondering “what’s the big deal”!?! Why would you want to Celebrate (emoji) Air suction Toys?!?  When I was first introduced to the Womanizer… and then, as now, I hated the name! Though I understand that since it was born in Germany, the original name translated to “Casanova”… which would have been okay!  LOL… but when Ryan introduced the air suction concept to me… and he and his business partner… both men… said it would give a woman an orgasm in 1-3 minutes, you have to understand that I was skeptical.  Like you, I thought… REALLY?!?!  I even think I asked them “how does it work on your clitoris?”   They offered me a sample and the rest is history!  It’s truly a special concept, that is worth celebrating… because when a toy like this works for you, it becomes part of your “relationship”! LOL

In the video I include here, I interview Ryan about the original Womanizer, and suggested that at Trystology, we would call it the “Kiss me there”.  I told him “I had it on good authority, that the Womanizer worked.  Afterwards, my husband asked me “It’s not fair that you tell them that the toy works, when you only used it that one time…”. I sheepishly smirked at him and told him I hadn’t JUST used it that one time when he knew I tested it.  But I had tried it when he was brushing his teeth, and again when he was in the shower… and this morning before we came to the Trade show to do this interview!  LOL… Yes, I did have it on “good authority” that it did in fact work… in 1-3 min!  

Original Womanizer Tools

So NINE YEARS!!!  That’s truly something to celebrate!  Having been in business 14 years, knowing that more than 2/3 of my time I have sold Womanizer and air suction oriented toys, is AMAZING!  The toy, for the most part, has been such a universal toy, that most women, and those with clitoris’ have enjoyed the remarkable effectiveness of Air Suction Toys.  There have been many a day when women come in to the store and say they’ve had challenges with being able to achieve an orgasm… and I point them in the direction of the Womanizer, and the Zumio… (that will be a different blog, but it’s coming!)  One woman left with both… as many do, and called me 20 min later, after she arrived home, and said she wasn’t broken!!!  She’d had her first orgasm in 6 months!!! She was elated!  Another called me from the Mid-West, and asked me about the Womanizer Premium, but since she was having a procedure, and couldn’t have an orgasm, she wanted me to wait to send it.  When I finally did, a few days later I received a call from her asking how to turn it off!  I laughed after we hung up as I realized she had just received it and tried it!  Made me smile!

The thing is… when orgasms can be so elusive to some women, it’s amazing when a tool like Womanizer, Satisfyer, Lelo or We-Vibe can give an individual an orgasm in 1-3 minutes, it’s truly something to Celebrate! (Emoji). I like to explain to people that the definition of an orgasm is “an involuntary response”, and that’s kind of how the Womanizer and other air suction tools work.  They can be placed over the clitoris and they will do their thing… flickering air, and suction, and for a bit you might feel like “hmmm… not sure this is going to work”… and then all of the sudden, BAM!  It happens… it’s not something we can will to happen.  It just happens. And that’s why I recommend toys that have a drop sensation, or you can turn off immediately, or else you might throw that toy across the room.  LOL

Roylin and Ryan at the Womanizer Booth in 2017 at ANME Trade show
Roylin and Ryan at the Womanizer Booth in 2017 at ANME Trade show

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Over the years, there have been a broad selection of toys that are marketed as “air suction tools”… so what exactly are Air Suction tools, you might ask?  They have been marketed as tools that replicate “oral sex”.  So to ME… they are subtle and gentle, with the flickering of the air replicating a tongue action, and the slight suction one receives during oral sex.  DISCLAIMER: NOT ALL AIR SUCTION TOYS SEE IT THE SAME WAY!  Ugh!  So that is why Trystology and I have been VERY selective about bringing in air suction tools, as I don’t want anyone to “get hurt!”. LOL (emoji).  I have had to test a number of tools that are not so subtle, and in fact felt that they could be too strong!  And those tools have been from some very well known brands… which I will not name.  Just know, that if I am not carrying it, there might be a reason… please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about that!

What do I tell couples and women who are looking at the air suction tools?  Like all toys, I tell them not all air suction is created equal, and show them the difference between the flickering of the Womanizer Premium, which is more pronounced and deliberate, with its adjustability of the sensation, with the stronger, more assertive We-Vibe XXXX.  I share with them how the Satisfyer Pro is a lower price point, but can be just as viable and effective as the Womanizer Premium, if they don’t mind that it’s got a different flicker, and I can show them how to utilize the unique On/Off switch to mimic the drop sensation of the Womanizer Premium and Duo.  But mostly I tell them, that at some point, they really should try one!  There’s really nothing like the sensation… 

Newer Womanizer Pleasure Air Tools

Now, I know, not all people believe that they’d like it.  They don’t think they need a toy like this… and that’s okay.  But I also challenge them to try it.  5 times… not just one time.  As our brain is our biggest sex organ, and depending on how your day went, depending on how stressed, or distracted you were, you might just not be in the “headspace” for that tool at that time.  I had an employee who took home the Womanize Pro 100 I believe it was called.  Beautiful Rose decorated version.  She said “Eh… not sure it was anything special”… didn’t work.  She gave it to you best friend, who sung its praises to the rooftops, and she had to buy another one just to “revisit it”.  That product has been discontinued for years, but she’s such an avid fan for THAT particular toy, that I make sure if I find one, I send it her way!

So after all that, you can see why I, and Trystology, really feel strongly that we would like to celebrate Womanizer, and Air Suction Technology!  We are so committed to this that we will have a Birthday Party for Womanizer… the champion who started it all… and have invited Ryan to Trystology, to celebrate the 11 years… He’s no longer part of the Womanizer family, but he’ll always be part of Trystology family!  Unfortunately he won’t be able to join us, but we’ve decided to have the party still! So Please feel free to join us on Sunday November 5th, 2023 for champagne and cake to celebrate the history of Pleasure Air Technology and the lasting legacy of air suction tools!

Other Air Suction Technology Brands – Satisfyer & Zalo

Remember, we have a philosophy of “an orgasm a day”… so whether it takes 1-3 minutes, as the air suction tools do, or you invest in a 30-50 min session with your partner… we don’t care.  We just want you to have one!

Happy Birthday Womanizer!  We celebrate you!

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