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Bunny Madison’s Sorority Saga Concludes in MYLF’s ‘The House

Bunny Madison

MYLF releases the final chapter of Bunny Madison’s sorority adventures with the premiere of “The House Bunny Part 3: The Tightest Bond” on Mylfwood. Fans can now enjoy the thrilling conclusion of this exciting journey filled with fun moments and steamy encounters that will have viewers hitting the replay button again and again.

Bunny and her sorority have become the talk of the town. Maya Woulfe, Jade Valentine, and Charlotte Sins have never been more popular. But Sonny McKinley isn’t ready to let them steal the spotlight. Determined to bring them down, Sonny takes video evidence of Bunny and Maya hooking up with guys on campus straight to the school administrator (Donnie Rock). Stunned by what he sees, Donnie feels he has no choice but to step in and put an end to Bunny’s wild ways. But once he arrives at the house, Bunny quickly shows him why she deserves to keep her position as the sorority’s house mother. These girls are tough, and they won’t let anyone stop them from living their lives to the fullest. Bunny makes sure Donnie will never question her methods again.

This special release features exclusive, never-before-seen content and extended cuts. Loyal fans will get to dive deeper into the story with extra footage that really brings out the allure of Bunny Madison and her sorority sisters. Discover new elements from the full release and enjoy scenes that take the excitement to new heights.

Stay tuned for the full movie premiere that will be available for all members’ enjoyment on May 30 only on

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