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The Black Bird of Chernobyl by Ann McMan

Love & Other Wild Things by Alyson Root is a fast-paced action-adventure set in the Amazon rainforest.

Ellie Bishop, America’s sweetheart, has numerous award-winning rom-coms, but playing the sweet girl next door has become tiresome yet she’s not allowed to branch out and take on more action-packed roles.

Ellie, a city slicker, is offered a role on a reality TV show, Wild Celebrities, but is hesitant due to her love for caramel frappuccinos and her fear of insects and animals. She can’t think of anything worse than spending a month in some remote location with only a backpack and survival expert to keep her company. There’s no way she’ll subject herself to this kind of torture.

Robin Stuart is looking for a new direction in her life. A former British Marine turned bodyguard for privileged divas, reluctantly joins Wild Celebrities after her best friend begs her to take his place. Robin is certain of three things: 1. Ellie Bishop is hot, 2. She will be absolutely useless in the Amazon rainforest, and 3. The show will test more than Robin’s survival skills.

Ellie, Robin, and two crew members face their worst nightmares when the unthinkable happens. Robin is their only chance of making it out of the rainforest alive. Easier said than done. With lives on the line, can both women put aside their stark differences long enough to come up with an escape plan? Is there more to be found in the Amazon other than wild things?


Each time I crack open and devour an Alyson Root book, I am continually amazed by the depth of her imagination and creativity. In Love & Other Wild Things, she takes the celebrity, opposites attract, enemies to lovers, and forced proximity tropes to the max. Ellie and Robin not only clash with each other but also fight for their lives. The remote and extremely dangerous Amazon rainforest serves as the backdrop for this story, and Root pairs vivid descriptions of the landscape with sarcasm and snappy dialogue. The dual points of view add so much depth and entertainment to this thrilling adventure.

Pros And My Favourite Parts

On the surface, Ellie, a world-famous actress, and Robin, a former British Marine, seem to have nothing in common. Their differing viewpoints on the world often lead to toxic clashes. However, beneath this veneer, their chemistry smolders like magma in a dormant volcano. Robin’s survival expertise is continuously put to the test, and while the two butt heads at every turn, the escalating tension forces them to lower their guards. As they navigate increasingly tense situations, their underlying connection deepens, revealing a complex and fiery dynamic between them.

Ellie is a character whose carefully constructed facade seems impenetrable, a defense mechanism built from years of catering to the demands of her demanding mother and brother. Beneath this tough exterior lies a badass, independent woman. She’s feisty and stubborn, yet her soft and vulnerable side emerges with Robin’s unwavering comfort and support. This blend of contrasting traits makes Ellie a truly compelling character, as her journey of revealing her true self adds depth and complexity to her story.

Robin embodies a striking blend of Lara Croft’s adventurous spirit and GI Jane’s toughness, a combination that captivates and inspires. Her profound expertise in survival skills is matched by her natural leadership qualities, making her a highly admirable woman. Despite initial hesitations, Robin stepped into this challenging “role” out of loyalty to her best friend and demonstrates unwavering trustworthiness, compassion, bravery, and intelligence at every turn.

The synergy between Robin’s traits and Ellie Bishop’s needs suggests that she is indeed Ellie’s perfect match. Their partnership complements Ellie’s complexities and brings out the best in Robin, creating a dynamic relationship fueled by mutual respect and a shared sense of purpose. Plus their chemistry is off the charts!

The supporting characters of Toni, Colin, Jill, Mic, and Cam are well-developed and add a lot to the story.  Together, they enrich the narrative, creating a tapestry of relationships and subplots that enhance the main story’s complexity and emotional impact.

Heads Up


The Conclusion

Love & Other Wild Things is a thrilling tale of survival in the Amazon rainforest, featuring strong-willed, stubborn women whose opposing personalities ignite a tumultuous journey. Ellie and Robin, despite their contentious feelings, must work together to navigate the dangers lurking at every turn. The story is infused with humor, sarcasm, venomous snakes, villains, and deeply emotional conversations, creating a rich and engaging narrative.

Alyson Root masterfully captures the essence of adventure, keeping readers on the edge of their seats, eager to see how Ellie and Robin’s fight for survival unfolds. The book fuels an adventurous spirit, making it impossible to put down. I highly recommend grabbing this one and settling in for the adventure of a lifetime!

Excerpt from Love & Other Wild Things by Alyson Root

“Ellie, my dear, meet Robin Stuart. Robin, this is Ellie Bishop.” I’m super aware that there’s a camera on us.

“Ms. Bishop,” I say, holding out my hand. She looks at me, looks at my hand, and then she looks at Billy. Confusion is written all over her face, and I instantly know this is about to go downhill fast.

“You’re the survival expert?” Ah, the tone. One I’m all too familiar with.

“Yes, Ms. Bishop, believe it or not, women can be survival experts! I don’t say that, I just nod.

“No, this isn’t right!” she says, her voice climbing in pitch. I think I can hear dogs howling.

“Robin here is the best of the best, Ellie,” Billy says. Nice try, dude, I appreciate the effort.

“I don’t give two fucks. Where’s the big burly man that can actually stop me from getting eaten? We’re going to the jungle, not on a trip to the supermarket. I need someone who can—”

“It’s the rainforest actually, not the jungle. And I assure you, Ms. Bishop, I’m more than capable of keeping you safe.”

“How? You’re my size. What the hell could you do if we get attacked by something?”

“Well, first, let’s hope that doesn’t happen, and second, I would defend us. You’ll be safe with me.”

“No way, no fucking way, Billy. Get me a man that can keep me safe.”

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ISBN number: 978-1959929147

Publisher: Sapphire Books

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